Barbara Valentin Cause of Death: Full Details

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Barbara Valentin was an Austrian actress. Her focus was on film and she was born on December 15, 1940. Her real is Ursula Ledersteger and she was born in Vienna, Austria. Her father was Hans Ledersteger.

Hans Ledersteger was also an Austrian art director. Barbara Valentin’s mother was Irmgard Alberti and she was an actress.

She had a half-brother called Alfred Ledersteger. During the early to mid-1980s, Barbara Valentin had Freddie Mercury as a friend.

She was featured in the music video titled It’s A Hard Life. It is worth knowing that as an actress, Barbara Valentin had the nickname ‘The German Jayne Mansfield’.

Barbara Valentin Cause of Death

Barbara Valentin was reported dead on February 22, 2022. This was after she had suffered from a stroke in Munich, Germany.

She died at the age of 61. She was buried in the Ostfriedhof in Munich, Germany. She was married to Helmut Dieti. Helmut Dieti was a German film director.


Barbara Valentin played the role of Babs in the film titled Horrors of Spider Island. The film was produced and released in 1960 and directed by Fritz Bott.

A year later, she was a member of the cast for The Girl with the Narrow Hips. In The Girl With the Narrow Hips, she played the role of the Beauty Queen.

In the same year, Barbara Valentin also featured in The Festival Girls playing the role of Valentine. The film was directed by Leigh.

Another film she featured in in 1961 was There is Still Room In Hell in which she played the role of Janet. She also made appearances in Our Man in Jamaica (1965) as well as The Star Maker (1968).

With respect to Our Man In Jamaica(1965), Barbara Valentin played the role of Gloria and played the role of the hotel maid in The Star Maker.


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