Arelys Henao Siblings

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Arelys Henao siblings: Does Arelys Henao have siblings? How many siblings does Arelys Henao have? A lot of fans of the Colombian singer are interested in knowing about her siblings. So in this write up, we will be looking at the siblings of Arelys Henao (if any).

Arelys Henao is undoubtedly one of the best singers in Colombia and an inspiration to many. From humble beginnings, Arelys Henao has managed to fight through difficult times to become the great singer that she is today.

But before talking about her siblings, let’s first get to know who exactly Arelys Henao is.

Arelys Henao Biography 

Arelys Henao is a renowned Colombian singer and songwriter. She was born Luz Arelys Henao Ruiz on December 3, 1976 in Sabanalarga, Colombia. She is often considered as “The Queen of Colombian Popular Music”.

Arelys Henao is a born singer hence it didn’t take too long for her to realise her calling. She developed interest in singing at a very young age and by the time she was 12, decided to move to Medellin to pursue music as a career.

She took a lot of inspiration from Dario Gomez while growing up as a young singer. The tips she received from Dario Gomez both in person and from afar has helped shape her to become the singer she is today. Aside releasing a number of songs alone at the beginning of her career, she also managed to do a few collaborations with artists like her mentor, Dario Gomez, Giovanny Ayala, El Charrito Negro, Jimmy Gutierrez etc.

Arelys Henao siblings
Arelys Henao

Over the years, Henao has done collaborations with other top local and International artists such as Tormenta, Maelo Ruiz, Helenita Vargas, Ana Gabriel, Los Tigres del Norte, etc.

She has released about five albums as of 2018 and several singles. Her albums are “Mi Historia” (2018), “Women and Spite” (2005), “Queen without a king” (2005), ” Unique” (2001) and Through the front door (1994) and was nominated several times by “Our Land Awards” and won several other awards.

“The Queen of Colombian Popular Music” we know today came from humble beginnings and always tries to tell her story to encourage others whenever she gets the opportunity. Her life story influenced Caracol Television to produce a bionovela about her which they titled “Arelys Henao: canto para no llorar” which means “Arelys Henao: I sing so I don’t cry.”

The bionovela was premiered on January 11, 2022 starring Mariana Gomez who played the role of Arelys Henao.

Arelys Henao Siblings 

“The Queen of Colombian Popular Music”, Arelys Henao is one of fourteen siblings. Her parents got married very early and started producing children until they had their fourteenth child despite not having enough money to give them a comfortable childhood.

Unfortunately, the singer has lost 7 of her siblings due to different reasons although we cannot confirm at this point what caused their death. Her surving siblings aren’t as famous as she is due to the career paths they have chosen.

She once revealed how tough it was growing up in such a large family and how the number of her siblings have now reduced to six. She said, “we were 14 and now we are only 7 now. Only God and I understand what getting to the road has bee  displaced by the brutality of the roads where society has no interest in passion and agony”.

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