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Are Donna And Ed Kelce Divorced? All You Need To Know. September 2023

Are Donna And Ed Kelce Divorced? All You Need To Know

Donna and Ed Kelce’s divorce came after 25 years of marriage, following the graduation of their two sons, Travis and Jason, from the University of Cincinnati.

However, Donna and Ed have kept up a cordial and friendly co-parenting interaction despite the termination of their love engagement.

Donna and Ed Kelce

Donna, a retired bank employee, and Ed, a salesman in the steel industry, raised a loving and supportive family together.

They encouraged their boys’ sporting endeavours and cheered them on by going to many NFL games. When it comes to supporting her sons, Donna is particularly well-known, garnering the nickname “super mom” among NFL supporters.

In a “New Heights” podcast episode, Jason made a light-hearted remark about Donna’s feelings towards Ed following their split.

Donna’s response was that they get along great and she doesn’t detest him. She emphasised that although relationships might deteriorate over time, she has no regrets about marrying Ed because she is happy to have given birth to Jason and Travis.

As demonstrated during the 2023 Super Bowl, Donna and Ed continue to support their boys’ NFL careers despite becoming divorced.

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, invited Donna and Ed to his personal sky box to watch the game since Travis, who was playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason, who was playing for the Philadelphia Eagles, both advanced to the championship game.

Donna and Ed Kelce
Donna and Ed Kelce

Ed chose to watch the game from the grandstand while Donna accepted the invitation to seek seclusion from the media, referring to himself as a “blue-collar grunt.”

Donna and Ed were asked which team they were cheering for in the run-up to the Super Bowl. Wearing a personalised jersey and coordinating shoes, Donna made it plain that she was rooting for both clubs while also declaring her neutrality.

Support for Jason and the Eagles was shown by one shoe and one-half of the jersey, while Travis and the Chiefs were represented by the other shoe and the other half of the jersey.

The separation of Donna and Ed Kelce serves as a sobering reminder that not all marriages are meant to be.

However, their capacity to uphold a cordial and helpful atmosphere for the benefit of their kids displays their dedication to the family. Donna and Ed’s continual attendance at games and unwavering support for Travis and Jason show their love and pride for them despite their separation.

Donna and Ed Kelce
Donna and Ed Kelce

In summary, Donna and Ed Kelce divorced after 25 years of marriage, but they still have a good working relationship as co-parents.

Their attendance at NFL games and their presence during important turning points in their kids’ careers demonstrate their everlasting support for their boys, Travis and Jason Kelce.

Donna and Ed continue to put their family first and put on a united face while supporting their sons despite their separation.

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