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Apple Shop Accra Mall, Products, Prices. May 2023

Apple Incorperation is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, software and online services. Apple supply their products to almost all parts of the world and as a result tend to have a lot of shops across almost all the countries you can buy their products from. 

In this article, we will be focusing on one particular apple store in Accra mall, Ghana. We will look at the products found in the shop and the prices of some of the iphones and Mac books sold at the shops.  

Without wasting much time let’s get started. 

Products Sold At Apple Shop Accra Mall 

Below are some of the products sold at the Apple store in Accra Mall. 

  • Mac Personal Computer 
  • iPhone smartphone
  • iPad tablet computers 
  • Apple Watch smartwatches
  • Apple TV digital media players
  • Software
  • Apple-branded and selected third-party accessories.

Now that we know the things sold at Apple shop Accra mall, let’s turn our attention to the prices of some of these Apple products to get you well informed in case you are planning to buy an Apple product. 

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Prices Of Products Sold At Apple Shop Accra Mall

The table below shows the price range of products sold at Apple Store Accra Mall.

Apple Product  Price Range (GHS) Apple Product  Price Range (GHS)
MacBook Pro 2020 9,000.00 – 18,000.00 Apple Watch Series 5 3,000.00
MacBook Pro – M1 Chip 13  8,500.00 – 11,000.00 iPhone XS 2,350.00 – 3,050.00
MacBook Pro – Space Gray 8,200.00 – 11,000.00 iPhone X 2,200.00 – 2,400.00
iPhone 13 Pro Max  9,000.00  – 11,000.00 iPhone 8 Plus  1,800.00 – 2,200.00
iPhone 13 Pro 8,000.00 – 9,100.00 iPhone 7 Plus  1,250.00 – 1,900.00
MacBook Air – M1 7,200.00 – 8,100.00 Apple Air pods Pro 1,550.00
iPhone 13  6,600.00 – 8,000.00 iPhone 6s Plus  750.00 – 1,150.00
iPhone 12 Pro Max 6,500.00 – 7,800.00 iPhone 8 1,350.00 – 1,750.00
iPhone 12 Pro 5,800.00 – 7,600.00 iPhone SE 1,900.00 – 2,900.00


Note: These prices are accurate as of the time of writing. Late readers of this post might experience a slight change in price upon arrival at the apple store. 

Contact And Address Of Apple Shop Accra Mall

For questions or inquiries, get in touch with Apple Shop Accra Mall using the information provided below.

Address: Accra Mall

Contact: +233 206 24 24 22

Email: [email protected]

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