Angelo Izzo’s Parents. All you need to know

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Angelo Izzo, born on August 23, 1955, in Rome, Italy, is unfortunately best known for his involvement in one of the most heinous crimes in the country’s recent history, the “Circeo massacre.” This grim episode, perpetrated alongside Gianni Guido and Andrea Ghira, stains Izzo’s life with brutality and unforgivable actions.


Growing up as the first of four children in a middle-upper-class Roman neighborhood, Izzo enjoyed the comforts of life. His father, a builder, and his literature graduate mother provided a stable upbringing in Trieste-Salario, bordering the affluent Parioli district.

Izzo’s early years were marked by a mix of athleticism and political engagement. His passion for sports, including horse riding, sailing, and water skiing, coexisted with his budding interest in right-wing politics. At thirteen, he joined Giovane Italia, a student association associated with the Italian Social Movement.

However, Izzo’s journey took a dark turn in 1969 when he was expelled, along with Andrea Ghira, for allegedly using the internal courtyard of the Trieste-Salario missing section for stolen mopeds. Despite his early expulsion, Izzo’s criminal record started accumulating, foreshadowing the tragic events that would unfold later.

Disinterested in academics, Izzo’s focus shifted to a lifestyle of bars, parties, and gatherings with like-minded right-wing extremists. His criminal record began to take shape even before the notorious Circeo massacre. In 1972, he was reported for threatening a young student with a gun. In 1973, he faced arrest for robbery, although he was acquitted due to insufficient evidence.More disturbingly, Izzo, along with accomplices Giampietro Parboni Arquati and Gianluca Sonnino, committed the heinous crime of raping two minor girls.

In May 1975, Izzo received a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence for this appalling act. His behavior was erratic, and he remained on probation.The darkest chapter in Izzo’s criminal history unfolded on September 29, 1975, when he, Guido, and Ghira abducted two girls, Donatella Colasanti and Rosaria Lopez. The victims were subjected to a horrific ordeal of rape, torture, and violence over a span of thirty-five hours. Miraculously, one of the victims, Colasanti, survived the brutal assault, which drew the attention of a night watchman and led to the arrest of Izzo and Guido.

Ghira managed to evade capture temporarily but was eventually apprehended.The subsequent trial, held on July 29, 1976, resulted in life sentences for all three perpetrators. Izzo and Ghira maintained their life sentences through subsequent levels of judgment, while Guido’s sentence was reduced to thirty years on appeal.Izzo’s criminal activities did not end with the Circeo massacre.

He faced trial for alleged defamation regarding the “Ferrazzano massacre” but was acquitted in September 2011. In 2021, while in Velletri prison, Izzo made statements linking him, Guido, and Ghira to the kidnapping and murder of Rossella Corazzin in 1975. However, these claims were deemed unreliable by the prosecutor’s office in Perugia.

Who are Angelo Izzo’s Parents?

There is not much about Angelo Izzo’s parents. However, his mother was a literature graduate and his father was a builder.


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