Andreas Guenther’s Wife. Is He Married? Full Details

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Andreas Guenther was born on September 18, 1973, in Graz and can be described as a German-Austrian actor. It must be noted that the early years of Andreas Guenther were spent on a farm in Styria . Andreas Guenther together with his single mother and brother relocated to  Konstanz on Lake Constance.

When Andreas Guenther was fourteen years old, he was living with a foster family. He had his education at the Waldorf School in Überlingen. He underwent private acting and speaking lessons and completed several acting workshops between 1997 and 2000.

It must be noted that in 1999, he played both a supporting role and a lead role in a television crime drama. Over the years, he has featured in so many films and television series. Some of the films include 1996: Charley’s Aunt, 2000: Anatomy, 2000: The Letter Bomber, 2000: Jenny Berlin – Death by the Sea (TV series), 2000: Martin – The First Time, 2000: To Die For, 2001: 100 Pro, 2001: The Wannsee Conference (Conspiracy), 2001: Her Majesty’s Men, 2001: Evelyn Hamann’s stories from life (TV series, episode: The Hitchhiker), 2002: Crime scene: death drive, 2002: In the name of the law, 2002: Goes live, 2002: Melanie – a little story about waiting, 2002: Section – The Language of the Dead, 2002: Everyday life, 2002: For Heaven’s Sake (TV series), 2002: When two dare and 2002: God is dead.

Others are since 2018: Blindly determined (TV series), 2018: The Dead Girls of Vienna, 2019: Blood Ties (Alternative title: The Lost Souls of Vienna), 2019: The House of Lies,2020: Shattered Dreams (Alternative title: Death in a Fiaker), 2021: Final stop: Central Cemetery (Alternative title: Buried Alive ), 2022: Death in the Prater, 2022: The Naked Empress, 2023: Death in the vineyard, 2023: Murder on the Danube, 2019: Lena Lorenz (TV series, episode Shadow and Light), 2020: The Mountain Doctor – Mother Lies, 2020: Dad on Cloud 7 (TV film) and 2020: SOKO Stuttgart (TV series, episode: Burlesque).

During the Corona lockdown in 2020, Andreas Guenther developed the SWR3SWR3Kristian Thees. The podcast has been online since February 2021. Andreas Guenther lives in Berlin.

Andreas Guenther’s Wife. Is He Married?

He is believed to be single and not in any relationship as of now.


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