Andrea Sawatzki’s Husband, Who Is He? Full Details

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Andrea Sawatzki can be described as a German actress who was born on February 23, 1963. She is currently 60 years old and she is noted to have starred in the Hessischer Rundfunk version of the popular television crime series between 2002 and 2010.

She played the role of Police Inspector Charlotte Sanger. Andrea Sawatzi was born to a nurse and a journalist and it must be known that she has had a relationship with actor Christian Berkel since 1997. Andrea Sawatzj and Christian Berkeley have two sons and they live in Berlin.

It must be noted that Andrea Sawatzki studied at the Neue Muncher Schauspielsche (Munich Acting School). She also had an internship at the Munich Kammerspiele and she has played in several theaters. Some of these theaters are in Stuart, Wilhelmshaven and Munich and she played at these theaters between 1988 and 1992.

With respect to the movies Andrea Sawatzki has played roles in, it needs to be emphasized that her first movie role was in Faust in 1988. Faust was directed by Dieter Dorn. Andrea Sawatzki became extremely popular when in 1997, she played the role of Alma Siebert in the movie titled The Pharmacist. It must be mentioned that over the years, Andrea Sawatzki has played roles and has been featured in a lot of movies.

Some of the movies include 1991: Tatort – Der Fall Schimanski, 1992: Auf Achse (TV), 1992: Tatort – Unversöhnlich, 1994: Das Schwein – Eine deutsche Karriere,1995–1998: A.S.  (TV series), 1995: Polizeiruf 110 (TV) – 1A Landeier, 1997: Bandits, 1997: Bella Block (TV) – Geldgier, 1997: Life is All You Get, 1997: The Pharmacist, 1998: The King of St. Pauli (TV miniseries), 1998: The Polar Bear, 1999: Late Show,1999: Our Island in the South Pacific and 1999: Apokalypso (TV film).

Others are 1999: Klemperer – Ein Leben in Deutschland, 2000: Ants in the Pants, 2001: Das Experiment, 2001: Leo & Claire, 2001: The Man Next Door, 2001: Die Manns – Ein Jahrhundertroman (TV miniseries), 2002–2010: Tatort 2002: Die Affäre Semmeling (TV miniseries), 2002: Sinan Toprak ist der Unbestechliche (TV), 2002: Rosa Roth (TV series) – Geschlossene Gesellschaft, 2003: Prince Charming(TV film), 2005–2006: Arme Millionäre (TV series) and 2005: The Next-Door Neighbour Is Alive.

Andrea Sawatzki Husband, Who Is He

Andrea Sawatzki is married to Christian Berkel. Christian Berkeley was born on October 28, 1975, and he is currently 48 years old. He is well-known for his roles in movies such as Downfall(2004), Valkyrie (2008), Inglorious Bastards(2009) and The Man from U.N.C.L.E(2015).

The father of Christian Berkel was a military doctor during World War II and the mother of Christian Berkel was Jewish. Christian Berkel had drama lessons with Jean-Louis Barrault and Pierre Berlin. He also got trained at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin.

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