Andrea Damante Girlfriend. Everything you need to know

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The well-known Italian DJ, businessman, and TV personality Andrea Damante was born in Gela, Sicily, on June 3, 1990. He was born in Sicily but spent much of his life in the picturesque city of Verona.

Early Life and Education

Andrea Damante’s parents divorced in 1993 when he was just three years old. Even though he was only a little child, this crucial event had a lasting impact on his life. Andrea was impacted by his family’s shifting relationships as he grew up following his parents’ divorce. His perspective on relationships and the uncertainties of life would be shaped in part by this early experience of familial upheaval.

He made a big move by enrolling in the University of Economics after finishing his early education. His father, who hoped Andrea would one day follow in his footsteps and join the family company, supported this decision. But Andrea’s heart and soul were already captivated by music.

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He felt driven to pursue music as a career since it was his actual love. He decided to move out and live independently at the age of 19, starting a new chapter in his life. This audacious move demonstrated his dedication to pursuing his musical goals.

A Journey through Reality TV

Andrea Damante’s path to fame took an interesting turn when he entered the realm of reality television. He participated in “Temptation Island,” a popular Italian reality show, where he crossed paths with Giorgia Lucini. At that time, Giorgia was in a relationship with Manfredi Ferlicchia. Andrea and Giorgia embarked on a one-year journey together, but it soon became clear to Andrea that he didn’t truly love her. He recognized the importance of authenticity and decided to end the relationship.

His journey then led him to “Men and Women,” another renowned Italian TV show. It was here that he discovered true love in the form of Giulia De Lellis. Over the years, their relationship had its ups and downs, with breakups and reconciliations. While they have not officially announced their reunion, there are indications that they might be living together once again.

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His father desired that Andrea would follow in the family business, but his passion for music was stronger. At an early age, he began his career as a DJ, and it was soon clear that he had skill.

An important turning point came along in 2014 when he appeared on “Temptation Island.” After that, he rose to fame as “tronista” on “Men and Women.” He had a love relationship with Giulia De Lellis throughout his tenure on the show.

Andrea followed his passion for music outside of his work in television. After releasing his first single, “Follow My Pamp,” he opened the “Damante Shop,” an online clothes and accessory retailer. His successful singing career was supplemented by his entrepreneurial interests.

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Andrea Damante and KIFI released the track “Somebody To Love” in the summer of 2020. Additionally, he released the music video for Brigetta Truitt’s song “Understatement Pt.1” in the summer of 2021. Blond, the former vocalist of “Amici,” and well-known influencer Giorgia Malerba star in the video, which shows a relationship dealing with difficulties brought on by the entry of a third party.

In 2021, Andrea Damante also became a part of the Mediaset summer show hosted by Elisabetta Gregoraci. The show, “Live Beats,” brought together a lineup of talented artists and performers.

Who is Andrea Damante’s Girlfriend?

Since October 2020, Andrea Damante and Elisa Visari have been engaged. The Roman girl, an actress and model who is nineteen years old, is officially Andrea’s partner.


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