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Who is Alfonso Zayas

Juan Alfonso Zayas Inclán, who was born on June 30, 1941, in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, under the sign of Cancer, died on July 8, 2021, in Mexico City, at the age of 80. He was an actor, director, and producer. Secretario Rodrguez in “La Presidenta Municipal” (1975), El Gato in “Transplante A La Mexicana” (1990), and Tony Esparza in “Vecinos” are arguably the roles for which he is most remembered (2006).

Alfonso Zayas Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Alfonso Zayas was $60,000.

Alfonso’s professional acting career and other pursuits helped him amass his wealth. His more than six-decade acting career made him well known.

In 1958, Alfonso made his acting debut in the film Golden Legs. He made his comeback seven years later with Mr. Doctor in 1965, and Chompirilo Chafirete in the TV series The Tremendous Court in 1966.

Since then, the deceased actor appeared in over 175 acting awards-winning films, including Buscando Nirvana, El sexo me da risa 3, The Popcorn Chronicles, Comando negro: La gran family, Ronco el paparazzi, and many more.

Alfonso Zayas Early Life

Early years were spent by Alfonso Zayas in Tulancingo, where he was brought up in a well-known family by his musician father Alfonso Zayas Zetina and his mother Mara Dolores Inclán. His aunt Lili Inclán was an actress, and his uncle Ral “Chato” Padilla was an actor. He is also Raal “Chóforo” Padilla and Rafael Inclán’s cousin. He was a Christian, of Mexican origin, and of Hispanic ethnicity.

Career Beginnings

In the adventure comedy “Piernas de Oro,” Alfonso Zayas made his feature film debut in 1958, launching his professional acting career. In 1966, he made his television debut as a guest star in an episode of the TV comedy series “La Tremenda Corte.”

After that, he continued to appear in small parts in a variety of movies and TV shows, like “El Show De Alejandro Suárez” (1972), “Pobre, Pero Honrada!” (1974), and “La Presidenta Municipal” (1975), to mention a few.

Rise to Fame

Alfonso’s major break came in 1975 when he co-starred with Carmen Salinas and Sergio Ramos in the musical comedy “Albures Mexicanos.” He next played Mezcalito in Fernando Cortés’ 1978 comedy “Duro Pero Seguro.” He then began working on Mexican erotic comedy movies, securing roles in 1979 releases like “La Criada Maravilla,” “El Sexo Me Da Risa,” and “El Futbolista Fenómeno.”

He portrayed Lindolfo in Alejandro Galindo’s action-crime movie “Dimas De Leon” and Kid Chamaco in Jorge Rivera’s action-crime movie “Golpe A La Mafia,” both of which were released in 1980. After that, he had three subsequent appearances in the “La Pulquera” movie series, which was released between 1981 and 1984. He also received lead roles in “El Vecindario” (1982) and “El Vecindario 2” (1983), as well as “El Ratero De La Vecindad” (1982) and “El Ratero De La Vecindad II” (1985).

Personal Life and Appearance

Alfonso Zayas had nine kids via seven marriages. In a helicopter tragedy in 2005, he lost his son, who was the oldest child and a private pilot. His most recent union was to Libia Garca, who was 29 years his junior. They were locals of Morelos’ Cuernavaca.

Alfonso Zayas had short, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, to talk about his appearance. There is no information provided regarding his height, weight, vital signs, biceps size, or shoe size.

He battled a number of illnesses throughout his life, including prostate cancer. At the age of 80, he died from cardiorespiratory arrest.

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