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About Lord Aleem

In 1994, Lord Aleem was born in Solihull, a sizable English town. His family eventually relocated to Birmingham as a result of Lord Aleem’s father’s enormous vehicle rental business.

The father of this 26-year-old man, Lord Aleem, immigrated to England in search of a better life for his family and made this country his permanent home.

Lord Aleem Education

Birmingham was the location of his early education. But he left Birmingham and relocated to London for his higher education.

He spent four years studying television, digital media, and movies at a local university. Here, he resided in a posh apartment with a large garage for all of his luxury vehicles.

He has stated that he never anticipated himself pursuing such things for his bachelor’s degree.

Lord Aleem Career

Lord Aleem makes money in addition to his illustrious YouTube channel with his own business and Instagram influence.

Even though he may have had many comforts, he also had a lot of other issues in his life.

  • In 2008: He created his first-ever channel on YouTube. But, maybe because of his age and inexperience, he could not continue it further.
  • In 2012: He again created an account and, this time had posted videos of his Fathers luxury cars and him driving them.
  • In 2014: Three of his cars got burned by some troublemakers. It started with a Lamborghini and, after a week, three more were burned to ashes by them.
  • In 2015: He got his Ferrari crashed after facing an accident near the well. He did not get injured much.
  • In 2016: This year he got moved to London for his higher studies at the Regent University. Here he bought a luxury apartment with a vast garage for his cars.
  • In 2017: He got banned from driving for twelve months as he was caught over-speeding in Warwickshire. This punishment was rigid for him as he loves to steer and roam around in his cars.
  • In 2018: He posted a video of his hometown, Pakistan. Here he stayed for few days and visited the northern areas of this country.
  • In 2019: He created another playlist named, Vlogs 2.0 where he posted about what he is up to and his luxurious life.
  • In 2020: He had launched a luxury timepiece brand page on Instagram where, he shows his love for wristwatches.
  • In 2021: He showed another chapter of his life to his fans. This playlist is lord Aleem weekly, which gives more insight into his business and lifestyle.
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Lord Aleem Lifestyle

He was born with money, so he never had to worry about money. He has had the finest of everything since he was a young child.

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Aleem Saleem Net Worth 2

Despite having such a solid foundation, he has worked really hard to establish his identity internationally and to be able to support himself.

Many people have been motivated by his rich lifestyle to buy a high-end car and post on Instagram.

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Lord Aleem Vlogs

Aleem is a professional vlogger when it comes to vlogs. His vlogs are quite diverse and cover a wide range of subjects.

His passion of vehicles and his driving are his most popular vlogging subjects.

Periodically, he will write about Pakistan, his country of origin. He had uploaded videos on numerous Pakistani cities as well as Pakistan’s northern regions.

He has started a series on his blog called Lord Aleem Weekly where he posts about his daily activities and life.

Aleem Saleem Net Worth

The prominent YouTuber Aleem Saleem, who runs the popular channel Lord Aleem, is well-known for his addiction to expensive and fast cars.

He is well-liked by automotive enthusiasts and has a sizable 444 thousand YouTube subscribers. The Lord Aleem net worth ranges between $1 million and $4 million.

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