Adrian Pintea Cause of Death: Full Details

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Adrian Pintea was born on  October 9, 1954, and can best be described as a Romanian actor. He was born in Beius, Bihor County.

It must be noted that Adrian Pintea had his education so far as acting is concerned at the Theatrical and Cinematographical Arts Institute in Bucharest.

He successfully graduated from the Theatrical and Cinematograhical Institute and then got the chance to feature in a Romanian film titled Femeia visurilor. The film was produced and released in 2005.

It was directed by Dan Pita. Adrian Pintea also featured in Francis Ford Coppola’s film titled Youth Without Youth. Youth Without Youth was produced in 2017.

Adrian Pintea Cause of Death

Adrian Pintea is known to have died on June 8, 2007, and he was 52 years old. He was reported to have died due to complications from cirrhosis, and pulmonary as well as kidney hypertension.

Adrian Pintea was buried at Bellu Cemetery in Bucharest.

Roles of Adrian Pintea

He played a role in Minia in 1978 and that role was that of a boy with a bird. He also played the role of Stefan Octavian in Auriel Viaicu in 1977.

It must be noted that Adrian Pintea was also involved in Intre oglinzi paralele as George Praida in the year 1979 and in the same year, he also played the role of Teodor Diamant in Faiansterul in 1979.

Other films he featured in include Lancu Jianu Zapciul (1981), lance Jianu Halducul(1981), Fapt Divers in 1985, Adela in 1985 in which he played the role of a piano technician and Padureanca in 1987 in which he played the role of Lorgovan.

There are other films he featured in. These are Duck Tales in 1996, Diplomatic Siege in 1999, Vlad in 2003 as well as 7 Seconds in 2005 in which Adrian Pintea played the role of Grapini.


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