1 Gallon Of Petrol Price In Ghana. Full Details


Petrol is a very important source of energy supply for every economy. The constant fluctuation of petrol prices always raises mass concern among the populace. In Ghana, it is no different. Many people always want to be in the knowledge of the current price petrol even before they drive their vehicles out of their garages. 

In this article, we at Ghana Insider will take you through the current price of 1 gallon of petrol across all filling stations. So stay tuned if you want to be well informed before you step out with your vehicle. 

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Before we get into the current price of a gallon of petrol let’s answer a few questions that cross people’s minds. 

How is Petrol Made? 

Petrol was first made by distilling crude petroleum and extracting the volatile, more valuable parts. Later methods, aimed to increase the output of gasoline from crude oil, used cracking to separate big molecules into smaller ones.

Thermal cracking, which uses heat and high pressures, was introduced in 1913, while catalytic cracking, which uses catalysts to speed up chemical reactions and produce more gasoline, took over after 1937.

Other methods used to improve the quality of gasoline and increase its supply include polymerization, converting gaseous olefins, such as propylene and butylene, into larger molecules in the gasoline range; alkylation, a process combining an olefin and a paraffin such as isobutane; isomerization, the conversion of straight-chain hydrocarbons to branched-chain hydrocarbons; and reforming, using either heat or a catalyst to rearrange the molecular structure.

What is the difference between Super and Regular petrol? 

The difference between the two is that super petrol has a higher octane number than regular petrol, meaning that super petrol is more suited for high-performance engines.

Does Using Super Petrol Make Any difference?

The higher octane of Super petrol won’t make your car faster; in fact, the opposite is possible because higher-octane fuel technically has less energy than lower-octane fuel.

It is the fuel’s ability to be compressed more without pre-igniting that results in more power when used in the appropriate engine.

1 Gallon Of Petrol Price In Ghana

Now let’s turn our attention to the reason why you clicked on this post by looking at the price of 1 gallon of petrol in Ghana.

The table below shows the current price of Petrol as of the time of writing this article.

Ghana Petrol Prices  Litre  Gallon
GHS 6.932 26.240


In comparison to the price of petrol in November (GHS 7.18) we can say the price of petrol has reduced in Ghana which is good news especially to private vehicle owners.

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