Yvonne Willicks Illness. Full details

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German television personality and novelist Yvonne Willicks was born on December 8th, 1970 as Yvonne Korosec in Kamp-Lintfort. Along with having a prosperous media career, she has also played important roles in education and advocacy for home economics and household management.


A solid educational foundation served as the starting point for Yvonne Willicks’ journey into the world of television. She pursued a degree in social pedagogy at the North Rhine-Westphalia Catholic University of Applied Sciences in Aachen after graduating from Kamp-Lintfort Municipal High School in 1990. Even though she didn’t finish her degree, Willicks showed strength by passing a master’s test to become a state-certified home economist. The foundation for her future undertakings was built by her scholastic background.

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She became an adult education lecturer and home economics trainer thanks to her love of both the subject and education. She was able to impart her knowledge and experience in this position, which would be a recurrent theme for the rest of her career.


Beginning in 2005, Yvonne Willicks established herself in the television industry. She rose to prominence as a broadcaster and subject matter expert on German television. “Die Superhausfrau” (2005) on RTL II, “AllesTester im Arbeit” (2007), and “Yvonne Willicks clears up” (2009) on Sat.1 are notable examples of these shows. Audiences responded favorably to her knowledge of home economics and household management, and she quickly established herself as a reliable source of guidance.

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Together with Dieter Könnes, Yvonne Willicks has co-hosted the WDR consumer magazine show “Servicezeit” since 2010. Additionally, she is the host of the show “Yvonne Willicks – The Big Household Check.” She provides viewers with insightful information about common home issues in various positions, assisting them in making wise daily decisions.

In addition to being a television personality, Yvonne Willicks also works as a consumer and home management advocate. Her position as the first secretary on the board of the Hamburg-based educational arm of the Professional Association of Household Managers (DHB – Network Household) demonstrates her commitment to this cause.

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She showed her commitment to civic and social problems by joining the Cologne Diocesan Kolping Association in 2015. Her election to the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) in April 2021, which recognized her efforts to the Catholic community, is noteworthy.

Is Yvonne Willicks Sick?

There is no information about the illness of Yvonne Willicks.

Personal Life

The personal life of Yvonne Willicks is flourishing. She has three children; two daughters and a son and has been happily married since 1992. Despite having a job that took her all across the world, she currently lives with her family in North Rhine-Westphalia.




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