Companies That Give Work and Pay Cars In Ghana. January 2023

Monthly Pay Cars in Ghana

work pay cars

In today’s post, you will find more details about companies that give work and pay cars in Ghana.

Do you need a car to start a taxi or Uber business in Ghana? Work and pay cars with no deposit in ghana? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

We have done thorough research and compiled the list of the best work and pay car providers in Ghana, how to get a car for business, taxi business and uber, payment options and other relevant information.

If you really need a car and pay monthly in instalment, read this article to the end.

Now let’s see what work and pay car means.

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

What is a work and pay car?

It is a system where drivers enter into a contract agreement with vehicle owners to make an initial fixed deposit, and then pay the remaining amount each day or month, and after one or two years, the driver becomes the owner of the car.

You can use such cars as trotro, taxi or even Uber

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

The amount supposed to be paid and the number of years actually depending on the car dealer you’re dealing with.

The dealers below have different options available for customers.

Now let’s have a look at the work and pay car dealers in Ghana.

Requirements for taking work and pay car.

Before you apply for a work and pay car there are certain basic requirements that have to be met.

See them below.

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

Applicant must have:

  • A valid driver’s license
  • A national identification card. It could be a travelling passport, Ghana card, voter’s ID, etc.
  • Proof of address (digital and physical)
  • A responsible guarantor
  • An initial deposit.

List of Work and Pay car Dealers in Ghana.

Before I go into the details or their agreement, let us see the list of work and pay cars companies in Ghana.

  • DC Motors
  • Nimdy Motors
  • Exillic Transport
  • De Georgia motors

DC Motors

They have flexible work and pay options for anyone who wants to own their own car.

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

Cars given out by DC Motors can be used as taxi, UBER or even private.

You need to make a 10% deposit down payment, provide two passport pictures, photocopy of your driver’s license, a guarantor with passport picture and your 10% down payment.

Cars available for Work and Pay as at 19th May.

NB: 10% Deposit required.

Toyota Vitz

Toyota Yaris

Kia Morning

The payment module after the down payment is listed below.

  • Taxi (GHC 500 every week)
  • Uber (GHC 450/500 every week)
  • Taxify (GHC 450 / 500 every week)
  • Private car (GHC 2000/3000 every month).

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

Uber and Taxi Drivers also wanted 

Uber/Bolt And Taxi drivers wanted for Work And Pay for Normal weekly sales

For more information contact us by clicking on the Whatsapp link above and below.

Physical Address: Spintex Shell Signboard Traffic Light.

Nimdy Motors.

Nimdy motors imports new, salvaged and used vehicles from overseas to Ghana.

They sell, swap and rent cars to Ghanaians. They also provide work and pay car options for interested customers.

Companies That Give Work and Pay Cars In Ghana 1

Common cars makes Nimdy deals in are Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.

To get a car from Nimdy Motors as work and pay, call them using the contact details below.

Physical Address: Opposite Shell Filling Station, Taifa Junction, Accra

Exilic transport.

They are much concerned about drivers owning their own vehicles through their flexible work and pay car plans.

Exilic gives cars out to drives to use as taxis and ‘trotros’ for them to work whiles paying for it.

NB: If you need a list of Work and Pay Car Dealers, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you.

Common vehicles Exilic gives out are Kia Picanto, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Getz, Nissan Micra, etc.

For more information about Exilic, use the contact information below.


How to apply for work and pay car.

It is quite simple. All you need to do is to

  • contact the said car dealer ask for their terms and conditions concerning work and pay and finally make a decision.
  • Pay an initial deposit and the car will be yours.

Important questions. (Answered).

Leave all your questions in the comment box. Our team of experts will answer each of them in no time.

Is work and pay good for drivers?

Disadvantages of work and pay cars.

  • Car may be a second hand or home used
  • the driver bears the cost of all maintenance
  • the driver bears the cost of fuel
  • failure to make expected sales increases the chance of losing the car and the initial deposit paid.

Note that, work and pay car agreement varies from one car dealer to the other.

Useful Information.

Questions Answered

How much does Uber drivers make a day?

The amount an Uber driver makes within day in Ghana may differ depending on the city one is located. Expect an average of GHC 150.00.

Note: there is no law that regulates work and pay car business in Ghana.

It is only the hire purchase law that is in the constitution of Ghana. Kindly take care when dealing with car owners.

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  1. Am Eli I need a Kia morning or a Toyota Yaris for work and pay 0547100018

    Interested owners can contact me let’s have a deal.

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    I have a good class of license and 5years experience in driving
    Ever ready to make deposit
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    I’m a bolt driver with valid Lincense
    And need a car as work and pay so kindly do honor of your favor if you want someone and this is my number 0591464415

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  10. I need work and pay car for my brother in my name. I don’t have the license but my brother has. Do I still have the opportunity? please I need Toyota Yaris Long boot not the hatchback. If yes Kindly contact me on 0240621030.

  11. Hello, my name is samuel oppong from the (BRONG EAST REGION ) i am in need of the Toyota yaris for taxi work and pay please how can i get your contact and please how much will be the down payment of my selection. I have all the necessary requirements . But for my location can i get my need. Please my number. (0545474154).

  12. Hello, pls I run a school and I need a bus on a work and pay bases. How can you assist please. An urgent response would be very much appreciated, thank you.
    Belinda 0592006942

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    I’m so much interested in getting a small car for Work and Pay. 0202694399 or 0541023429

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    My name is Isaac Apau Gyau I am a monthly worker and I need work and pay .
    Thank you
    Isaac Apau Gyau

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    can I access tricycle for work and pay.
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