Wood Prices in Ghana. Full Details.

Summary of this article: Prices and different types of wood in Ghana.

Welcome to Ghana Insider. Today, we are going to give you the accurate wood prices in Ghana. If you need different types of woods for sale in Ghana for your building project, it is good to know the current market prices in order to make a sound budget.

Wood are of much importance especially in the construction industry. In building a house, wood is needed for the roofing, kitchen works, amongst others.

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A lot of people use bricks and mortar in building houses of different sizes. Alternatively, in recent times some people prefer cheaper, safer and eco-friendly way to put up structures. That is why wood houses are gradually becoming normal especially in the hospitality industry.

There are different types of woods in Ghana. Each of these woods comes with its own price. The wood available in a country is determined by the vegetation, climate, soil and several other factors.

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In Ghana we have the following types of wood:

High quality type

  • Odum
  • Dahoma
  • Mahogany
  • Mansomia
  • Wawa

Low quality type

  • Otie
  • Yaya
  • Chenchen
  • Waterpou
  • Cebia


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Table of Contents

Factors that determines wood pricing in Ghana

The following factors determines how much woods are sold on the Ghanaian market.

  • Quantity: buying in bulk tends to reduce the price than purchasing wood in smaller quantities
  • Carriage cost:
  • Seasonal cost: woods that are easy to find in specific season are cheaper in that season whiles those that do not grow in that season are more expensive.
  • Wood type

Wood prices in Ghana 2021

Now let’s have a look at the current prices of wood in Ghana.

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wood prices ghana
wood prices ghana

Wood type Price (GHC)
Wawa board 2×4 35
Marine plywood GHS 135
Foreign plywood for ceiling GHS 150
Plywood quarter GHS 110
Local hard plywood for ceiling GHS 110
Turkish made marine plywood GHS 145
Marine plywood GHS 135


Wood Prices in Ghana. Full Details. 2
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