Wolfgang Rademan Cause of Death: Full Details

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Wolfgang Rademann was a German journalist and television producer. He was born on November 24, 1934, and he was the brain behind the success of television series such as The Black Forest Clinic and The Dream Ship.

He had three years of training as a typesetter at the East Berliner Nachexpress and the newspaper Tagliche Runschau after completing his elementary school. At the age of 12, Wolfgang Rademann lost his dad to malnutrition.

He worked as a freelance local reporter in East Berlin. Wolfgang Rademann had his first promotional contract in 1962 from Eric van Aro for his wife Caterina Valente. With the passage of time, he assumed the role of Press Chief for Pierre Brice and Peter Alexander.

He had his breakthrough in 1969 on the Peter Alexander Show. Some of the successful programs of Wolfgang Rademann include the series, Das Traumschiff and The Black Forest Clinic.

Wolfgang Rademann was seen as an expert in the holiday series genre and he produced series such as Hotel Paradise, The Holiday Doctor and Cruise into Happiness.

He was the inventor of what was called Television Specials and he made his debut with Lilli Palmer A woman remains a Woman.

Wolfgang Rademann Cause of Death

Wolfgang Rademann died on January 31, 2016, in Berlin. His grave is in the Evangelical Churchyard in Berlin Nikolassee. Before his death, he lived in a single-family house and had been in a relationship with actress Ruth Maria Kubitschek since 1976. The cause of death is unknown.


When he was alive, he received 4 Bambis and these were in 1982, 1985, 1990 and 2015. He also received the Golden Camera in 1982 as well as 2000.

He was awarded the Robert Stolz Prize in 1974 and the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon in 1986. Other awards to his credit include Telestar, the Silver Leaf of the Dramatists Union, Golden Song and the Crown of Folk Music.


Some of his films include 1962–1968: Sing with Horst (show), 1964: Life is the greatest show (Show, ZDF ), 1966–1968: stopover (show, ARD ), 1969–1978: Peter Alexander presents specialties (show, ZDF), 1970–1977: The star guest (show, ARD), 1971–1981: Anneliese Rothenberger does the honors (show, ZDF) and 1975: Meeting Point Heart (Show, ZDF).

Others are 1977–1978: Popular Guests (Show, ARD), 1977–1980: A Crazy Couple (TV series, ZDF), 1979–1985: Peter Alexander: We Congratulate (show, ZDF) and 1981–2016: The Dream Ship (TV series, ZDF).



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