Wolfgang Neuss Cause of Death: Full Details

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Wolfgang Neuss was a German cabaret artist and actor. He was born on December 3, 1923, in Breslau and his parents were Otto and Elisabeth Neuss. He had a sister called Eva. Right after completing elementary school, Wolfgang Neuss started an apprenticeship as a butcher.

However, at the age of 15, he relocated to Berlin to work as a clown. Quite unfortunately, he ended up in the Juvenile detention center of the Berlin Police Headquarters at Alexanderplatz. He also worked for the labor service in road construction and he served as a soldier on the Eastern Front.

In the process, he got wounded several times.
It must be noted that in 1949, Wolfgang Neuss met Wolfgang Muller and they worked as a duo. Their name was The Two Wolfgangs and in 1950, they travelled to West Berlin where they worked at the cabaret Die Bonbonniere.

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Wolfgang Neuss landed a role in the film titled The Man Who Searches for Himself. He also took to the writing of plays, acting at theaters and directing cabarets.

As a cabaret artist, Wolfgang Neuss had friends such as Eckart Hachfeld, Ursula Herking, Thierry, Wolfgang Gruner as well as Dieter Hildebrandt. It must be noted that in 1952, he worked on two programs by the Porcupines Ensemble.

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Wolfgang Neuss Cause of Death

He died of cancer on May 5, 1989.He was buried on May 19 next to his film and cabaret partner, Wolfgang Muller. He was buried in the Zehlendorf Forest Cemetery. Later on, he was reburied in Wolfgang Muller’s grave.


Wolfgang Neuss, as an actor, got the chance to play different roles in different films. Some of these films are 1950: Who Drove the gray Ford?, 1952: Pension Schöller, 1952: The trail leads to Berlin, 1953: Holland Girl, 1953: Hurray – a Boy!, 1953: The Empress of China, 1953: The Uncle from America and 1953: Don’t be afraid of big animals.

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Others are 1953: Path without turning back, 1954: On the Reeperbahn at half past midnight, 1954: The beautiful Miller’s Wife and 1954: The Golden Plague.

He was also involved in a lot of cabaret programs some of which were Laughter Calories, late 1940s, The Man with the Timpani, 1951, If You Don’t want to Listen, you have to Watch TV…, 1959, The Latest Rumor, 1963, Neuss Testament, 1965, Asylum in the Domicile, 1967, Marx People, 1968 and Neuss vom Tage , in the mid-1980s on WDR.



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