VIDEO: WO KO HO KO YE DEN? Here’s all about it.

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This abbreviation founds its way on the anals of the internet since yesterday and has been the religion. Numerous tweeps and other social media users have used this abbreviation as captions to their photos, videos and even texts.

VIDEO: WO KO HO KO YE DEN? Here's all about it. 2

“Wo Ko Ho Ko Ye Den” is the Twi version of “What did you go there to do” and this statement became very eminent on social media as a video of a very humorous man used the sentence in the video to alert the public on the activities of the “streets”. If you come to the streets you have to open your eyes eny3 saa wo ko k’akyere mama, mama b3 bisa wo s3 wo ko ho, ko ye den

VIDEO: WO KO HO KO YE DEN? Here's all about it. 3

In the very witty style with which he made the statement, everyone has found it exciting and keep sharing the new term on their social media pages. This has even led to the inception of having all other statements abbreviated to continue the trend.

This new trend has been endorsed by very influential personalities on various social media platforms. Personalities like Wode Maya, Kalyjay, Olele Salvador just to mention a few have actually found the trend interesting and have used them to excite their audience.

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