Willy Semmelrogge Cause of Death: Full Details

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Willy Semmelrogge was a German actor, theater and radio play director who was born on March 15, 1923, in Berlin. The stage career of Willy Semmelrogge commenced in Weimar and this was after the Second World War. It must be noted that Willy Semmelrogge came to film through DEFA in 1954 when his time as director in Erfurt came to an end.

Later in 1955, Willy Semmelrogge relocated to the Federal Republic and television plays were his main focus. He played a role on Tatort in 1974 which shot him into fame. In Tatort, he played his role alongside Hansjorg Felmy.

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He made appearances in 20 episodes in Tatort . It must also be noted that he played the role of Inspector Stegemann in the series titled The Night Courier Reports in the mid-1960s. He was the circus director for the film titled Everyone for Himself and God Against All in 1974 and later in 1979, he featured in the film adaptation of George  Buchner’s Woyzeck.

In 1977, Willy Semmelrogge played a role in The Suburban Crocodiles. He was also a regular face in the crime series, The Inspector, Derrick and The Old One. As a director, he worked on The Coward by Stefan Brodwin in 1950. He also served as a radio play director for SDR and BR.

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Willy Semmelrogge Cause of Death

Willy Semmelrogge died at the age of 61. His death was as a result of fish poisoning . He was buried in the cemetery in Bad Boll in the Eckwalden District of Swabia. Actors Martin Semmelrogge and Joachim Bernhard were his children.


While alive , Willy Semmelrogge was involved with a lot of films. Some of these films are1955: The Devil from Mühlenberg, 1956: Dirty hands, 1956: Philemon and Baucis, 1957: The judge and his executioner, 1958: Visit from the zone, 1958: The Caucasian Chalk Circle, 1959: People on the Internet, 1959: Account balanced and 1960: The barrier.

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Others are 1960: The Captain of Köpenick, 1963: Long-distance driver – consignment note no. 1012, 1963: Order for the child prodigies, 1964: The Physicists, 1964: The General’s Dog, 1964: Flight in Danger and 1964: Commissioner Freytag – Back then in Leverkusen




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