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Willy Fritsch was a German theater and film actor who was born on January 27, 1901. Without a doubt, Willy Fritsch was known to be a popular and leading actor from the era of silent films to the early 60s.With regards to the personal life of Willy Fritsch, it must be indicated that he married artistic dancer Dinah Grace.

They got married in 1937 and they had two sons. Unfortunately, he died due to a heart attack at age 72. He was laid to rest at the Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg.
Willy Fritsch was born to a factory owner in the Prussian province of Silesia.

Even though Willy’s intention was to undergo an apprenticeship as a mechanic, he took to acting at the GroBes Schauspielhaus theater. He attended Max Reinhardt’s drama school at the Deutsche Theater.

Even before the death of Willy Fritsch, he was very active so far as films are concerned and he was featured in a lot of films. Some of these films are Miss Venus (1921), Raid (1921), Die kleine Midinette (1921), Gelbstern (1921), Der Heiratsschwindler (1922), Der blinde Passagier (1922), Hallig Hooge (1923), His Mysterious Adventure (1923), Die Fahrt ins Glück (1923), Mother and Child (1924), Guillotine (1924), Express Train of Love (1925), The Farmer from Texas (1925), Dancing Mad (1925), A Waltz Dream (1925) and The Girl with a Patron (1925).

Others are Schwarzwälder Kirsch (1958), Tunis Top Secret (1959), Mit Eva fing die Sünde an [de] (1958) / The Bellboy and the Playgirls (re-edited 1962), Hunting Party (1959), Sweetheart of the Gods (1960), Wenn die Heide blüht” (1960), What Is Father Doing in Italy? (1961) and Der Himmel kann warten (TV, 1962).

Willy Fritsch’s Age, Birth Date

He was born on January 27, 1901, and died at the age of 72.

Willy Fritsch’s Height, Weight

Details about his height and weight are unavailable.

Willy Fritsch’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $ 2 million.

Willy Fritsch’s Parents

Even though the names of his parents are not known, his father owned a factory in Kattowitz.

Willy Fritsch’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

He was married to artistic dancer Dinah Grace. They got married in 1937 and had two sons. One of his sons is Thomas Fritsch, an actor.

Willy Fritsch’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.



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