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Born on April 7, 1903, Willi Forst was an Austrian screenwriter, actor, singer, film producer and film director. It is known that in the mid-30s, he recorded many Viennese songs for the Odeon Record Label. The record label was then owned by Carl Lindstrom AG.

It must be known that the first major role of Willi Forst was in the silent film titled Cafe Elektric in 1927. He is said to have teamed up with writer Walter Reisch to develop the genre of Viennese film. He set up his own film company, called Willi Forst-Film in 1937.

Quite unfortunately, due to the 7-year Nazi rule in Austria, Will Forst was not involved in a lot of films. He managed to do only six films. Willi Forst experienced success with the film The Sinner (1951). However, the film seemed like a scandal due to protests of the Roman Church. The Roman Church was opposed to the nudity in the film but all the same, the film reached an audience of seven million people.

Willi Forst was known to have stayed in the Swiss Canton of Ticino after the death of his wife. He also died in 1980 in Vienna. The cause of his death was cancer. He was laid to rest in Neustift am Walde. Will Forst was featured in a number of films and also directed some films.

Some of the films he featured in are Sodom and Gomorrah (1922), Oh, Dear Augustine (1922), Der verwechselte Filmstar (1922), Lieb’ mich und die Welt ist mein (1923), The Eleven Devils (1927), Café Elektric (1927), Die drei Niemandskinder (1927), Love on Skis (1928), A Better Master (1928), Ein Tag Film (1928), Folly of Love (1928), The Blue Mouse (1928), German Wine (1928) and The Convict from Istanbul (1929).

With respect to the films he directed, the following can be considered: Gently My Songs Entreat (Austria/Germany, 1933), Maskerade (Austria, 1934), Unfinished Symphony (UK/Austria, 1934), Mazurka (1935), Tomfoolery (1936), Court Theatre (Austria, 1936), Serenade (1937), I Am Sebastian Ott (1939), Bel Ami (1939), Operetta (1940) and Vienna Blood (1942).
He was the Screenwriter for Capers (1937).

Will Forst’s Age, Birth Date

He was born on April 7, 1903, and he died in 1980.

Will Forst’s Biography, Wikipedia

His details are available on Wikipedia.

Will Forst’s Height, Weight

His height and weight are not available.

Will Forst’s Net Worth

His net worth is not available.

Will Forst’s Parents

The details are not available.

Will Forst’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

The name of his wife is not available but she died in 1973.



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