Wilfried Ortmann Cause of Death: Full Details

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was a German actor who was born on April 10, 1924. He had lessons in acting at Magdeburg. He subsequently relocated to Berlin via Schleswig, Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Erfurt and Dresden in 1951.

He worked at the Deutches Theater from the initial stages and moved to work at the Volksbuhne from 1954 to 1994. So far as films are concerned, Wilfried Ortmann had his debut in 1953 in Martin Hellberg’s production film titled The Little and the Big Happiness.

He played a role in that film alongside Susanne Dullmann. He also played a role in the GDR propaganda film, Ernst Thalmann-Son of His Class. Wilfried Ortmann played the role of the gangster Hasso Teschendorf in Goods for Catalonia and this was one of the roles very dear to his heart.

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Wilfried Ortmann Cause of Death

He died on March 3, 1994 in Berlin. The cause of death of Wilfried Ortmann is yet to be updated


Wilfried Ortmann was married to Margot Ebert. She was an actress.


Wilfried Ortmann had the opportunity to feature in a lot of movies. Some of these movies are 1953: The Little and the Big Happiness, 1954: Ernst Thälmann – Son of his Class, 1954: The Mysterious Wreck, 1958: The Trial Is Postponed, 1959: Goods for Catalonia, 1959: Mary Stuart (studio recording), 1960: TV pitaval: The case of Hugo Stinnes jr. (TV series), 1960: Naked Among Wolves (TV), 1963: Bonn Pitaval: The Heyde-Sawade Affair (TV series) and 1964: Much Ado About Nothing.

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Others are1970: Everyone dies for themselves (TV movie, 3 parts), 1970: Caesar and Cleopatra (theater recording), 1970: Liberation, 1971: Avantgarde (theatrical recording), 1973: The Invisible Visor (TV), 1975: The Wild Duck (theater recording), 1975: Profile of an Unwanted Person (TV film), 1979: Duets (TV), 1982: Romance with Amélie, 1983: Märkische Chronicle (TV series), 1984: The Poggenpuhls (TV film) and 1984: Saxony’s splendor and Prussia’s glory (TV)


He was also involved in some theater productions. Some of these theater productions are 1952: Julius Hay: The Bridge of Life (Metal Workers) – Director: Paul Lewitt ( Staatstheater Dresden ), 1953: Roger Vailland: Colonel Foster is guilty (Masan) – Director: Herwart Grosse / Wolfgang Langhoff ( Deutsches Theater Berlin – Kammerspiele), 1956: Vsevolod Wischnewski : The first cavalry army (platoon leader) – Director: Kurt Jung-Alsen ( Volksbühne Berlin ), 1956: William Shakespeare : A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Duke of Athens) – Director: Fritz Wisten (Volksbühne Berlin), 1957: Leo Tolstoy : The Power of Darkness (Nikita) – Director: Fritz Wisten (Volksbühne Berlin), 1959: William Shakespeare: Macbeth (Macbeth) – Director: Ernst Kahler (Volksbühne Berlin) and 1960: Gerhart Hauptmann : Fuhrmann Henschel (Waiter George) – Director: Erich-Alexander Winds (Volksbühne Berlin).

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Radio Plays

Wilfried Ortmann got engaged in a lot of radio plays and some are 1956: Henrik Ibsen : The pillars of society (Johann Tönnesen) – Director: Herwart Grosse (radio play – GDR radio ), 1958: Anna and Friedrich Schlotterbeck : SMS Prinzregent Luitpold (Corvette Captain Herzbruch) – Director: Theodor Popp (GDR Broadcasting), 1958: Henrik Ibsen : Supporting Society (Johann Tönnesen) – Director: Herwart Grosse (radio play – GDR broadcasting), 1960: Axel Kielland: One says no (Group Captain Nigel Henderson) – Director: Wolfgang Brunecker (radio play – GDR radio), 1962: Klaus Beuchler: The Stetson case (prosecutor) – Director: Werner Grunow (radio play – GDR broadcasting) and 1964: Fred von Hoerschelmann: The Saline (Carlo) – Director: Helmut Hellstorff (radio play – GDR radio).



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