Why Do You Love Me Answers For Him

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At one point in your relationship, if your partner put across this well-known question, “why do you love me”, you need to feed him with the appropriate answers.

Wait, but why would your partner ask you such a question? Probably, he expects more from you. Anyway, you will discover more today. For instance, reasons people fall in love.

Why People Fall In Love

Why Do You Love Me Answers For Him 2Check out the the reasons why people fall in love using the link.

Why Do You Love Me Answers For Him

Here are some appropriate answers for him when he asks you the question, ” why do you love me?”


Answer: You can say, “because I haven’t met any better friend like you or because you are someone I can rely on.” Better still, you can say, “because I want to share all the moments of my life with you.”

Unconditional Love

Answer: You can say, “because you have shown me an unconditional love.”

Interestingly, as the name implies, unconditional love isn’t based on conditions. Whether rain or shine, the two of you still have an enviable relationship.


Answer: You can say, “your smile is the reason or because of your smile.”

According to Queen’s University Belfast, “a certain kind of smile can aid in rebuilding trust in relationships after one partner has shown an uncooperative or untrustworthy behavior.”


Answer: You can say, “your inspiration is the reason or because of how you motivates me.”

One of the reasons why life goes on smoothly for us is as a result of the inspiration or motivation we get.


Answer: You can say, “because you are ready to protect me at all costs or because I feel secured with you.”

Yes, one of the responsibilities of your partner is to protect you. Therefore telling him such a statement proves that you believe you’re secured with him.


Answer: You can say, “because of how committed you’re to our relationship or because you’re always sincere to me.”

All great relationships are built on commitment or sincerity.


Answer: You can say, “because you do your best to impress me.”

This statement makes your partner feel appreciative of the things he has done for and hopefully, he will do more.

More Why Do You Love Me Answers

  • Because you assist me to perfect myself.
  • Because I’m your priority.
  • Because you show me much respect.
  • Because I felt to be part of your life.
  • Because you appreciate me for what I am.

Hope these answers were helpful. Go further and read more on “the perfect answers for why do you love me.”

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