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Wholesale Cold Store Prices for Chicken Parts in Ghana. June 2023

In this article, I am going to give you the wholesale cold store prices of chicken parts in Ghana.

A cold store is a structure or space that has been artificially chilled to keep food fresh.

A cool store, also known as a cold store, is a large refrigerated room or structure used to keep items in an atmosphere that is cooler than the ambient temperature.

Fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat are examples of products that require refrigeration.

Cold storage facilities are frequently found near shipping ports where product is imported and exported.

Since the late 1800s, cool shops have been an important aspect of the shipping business.

The best way to start a business, is to buy the products in wholesale, as doing this, makes it easier to buy products cheaper, and buy the products in large quantities.

Therefore, if you want to start a cold store business, the best thing to do is to look for wholesale suppliers of the meat and fish products you want to sell.

You can also get freshly dressed chicken straight from the farm, which is very flavourful and tasteful, and is great for those who really care about what they consume.


Wholesale Cold Store Prices for Chicken Parts in Ghana

We went through some renowned real stores and online shops in Ghana.

Below are the wholesale cold store prices for chicken parts on the Ghanaian market.

You can visit any of these stores and get your chicken parts at wholesale prices today.



ColdStoreGh Online

  1. Chicken Thigh Soft per kg

Price: GH₵13.00


2. Chicken Drumsticks Soft per kg

Price: GH₵12.00


3. Chicken thigh hard per kg

Price: GH₵16.00


4. Chicken Breast per kg

Price: GH₵25.00


5. Sadia Chicken Breast 2kg

Price: GH₵45.00


6. Sadia Chicken Ghana

Price: GH₵19.99


7. Seara Whole Chicken 1.3kg

Price: GH₵22.00


8. Seara Chicken Fillet 500g

Price: GH₵22.00


9. Chicken Wings 700g

Price: GH₵19.99


10. Chicken Drumsticks Hard per kg

Price: GH₵13.00


Gh Loozap Online


Price: GH₵ 90.00


2. Holland Chicken Drumstick

Price: GH₵160.00


3. Frozen Chicken Gizzards

Price: GH₵160.00


4. Frozen Hen Leg Quarters( Hard )

Price: GH₵180.00


5. Frozen Chicken Thighs (Soft)

Price: GH₵125.00


Palace Mall

  1. Chicken Leg Quarter Kg

Price: GH₵ 34.99


2. Chicken Breast Boneless 2kg

Price: GH₵79.99


3. Sadia Golden Breaded Chicken

Price: GH₵59.99


4. Sadia Crumbed Chicken Portions 400g

Price: GH₵27.99


5. Nuggets Sadia Chicken Tradition

Price: GH₵24.99


6. Shredded Chicken 1kg

Price: GH₵47.99


7. Chicken Breast Hot & Crunchy 420g

Price: GH₵29.99



Price: GH₵24.99


Jiji Online


  1. Frozen Chicken (Hard)

Price: GH₵40.00


2. Sadia Frozen Chicken

Price: GH₵85.00

MarketExpress Online

  1. Chicken Thigh Carton 10kg

Price: GH₵228.00


2. Freshly Dressed Chicken – Whole Uncut (Broiler)

Price: GH₵95.00


3. Freshly Dressed Chicken – Whole Uncut (Layer)

Price: GH₵85.00


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