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Who Roman Polanski Wife. June 2023

Roman Polanski has had both career success and personal tragedy in his life. He is a well-known and controversial film director.

His film career has lasted for decades, and some of his most famous movies are “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Chinatown,” and “The Pianist.” But the public is interested in more than just his job. They are also interested in his ties.

Polanski has been married three times, and this piece will talk about each of their lives and relationships.

Barbara Lass: The Beginning of a Love Story

Barbara Lass was a Polish actor and Roman Polanski’s first wife. They met when they were both students at the ód Film School. They got married in 1959, and their romance was Polanski’s first experience with love and heartbreak. Lass was in Polanski’s early short films, and the couple went to Paris to further their careers.

But their marriage didn’t last long. The couple had trouble dealing with the stress of their new jobs and their new surroundings. They split up in 1961, but they both kept making a name for themselves in movies. Lass went on to play in a number of movies in Europe, while Polanski’s career took off.

Sharon Tate: A Tragic Love Story

In 1967, Polanski met his second wife, the bright and beautiful American actress Sharon Tate, on the set of his movie “The Fearless Vampire Killers.” The two people fell in love quickly, and their brief relationship ended with a wedding in 1968.

Their marriage was short, but it was very emotional. Tate often went to film sets with Polanski and supported his work. They were excited to start a family together. In late 1968, Tate found out she was pregnant. Their story of love was cut terribly short, though.

Tate, who was eight months pregnant when she was killed on August 9, 1969, was a member of the Manson Family cult. The event shocked the whole world, and Polanski was very upset by it. Polanski would think about the death of his wife and unborn child for a long time, and it would affect his interactions with other people.

Emmanuelle Seigner: Love, Art, and Controversy

Polanski’s third and present wife is a French actress, singer, and model named Emmanuelle Seigner. She met the director for the first time in 1987 when she was cast in his movie “Frantic.” Even though they were 33 years apart, they fell in love and got married in 1989. Since then, Seigner has been in a few of Polanski’s movies, such as “Bitter Moon” and “Venus in Fur.”

Their marriage has had a lot of problems, especially after Polanski got in trouble with the law. In 1977, he was accused of sexually assaulting a girl who was 13 years old. After pleading guilty to a lesser charge, he ran away to Europe to escape jail, so the case is still not over.

Polanski was caught in Switzerland in 2009, and he could have been sent to the US. Throughout this time, Seigner was always there for her husband, both in public and in private. In the end, Swiss officials turned down the request to extradite Polanski, and he was freed.

They have two kids together and continue to work on art projects together. People have both praised and criticized Seigner for sticking by her husband through all the trouble.


Roman Polanski’s relationships with his women are as complicated and multifaceted as the man himself. Polanski’s love life has been full of passion, tragedy, and debate, from the beginning of his marriage to Barbara Lass to the death of Sharon Tate to his long-lasting relationship with Emmanuelle Seigner.

Each of these situations has had a different effect on Polanski, both in his work and in his personal life. His early help from Barbara Lass made his business grow and helped him get a foothold in the European film scene.

Sharon Tate’s sad death will always be a part of Polanski’s story, and it’s clear that it affected both his personal life and his work. And Emmanuelle Seigner has shown herself to be a reliable and helpful partner who has been there for him through good times and bad.

We can learn more about the man behind the camera by looking at the lives of Roman Polanski’s women. These relationships have had a big impact on the famous director’s life and work, through love, loss, and scandal. As Polanski’s story goes on, the effects of his marriages will continue to be an important part of it.

In the end, the lives of Roman Polanski and his wives show how powerful love can be, how painful loss can be, and how complicated relationships can be. Through their ups and downs, these relationships have left an indelible mark on the world of movies and on the life of a man who has become both a hero and a mystery.


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