Who Is Toni Brunner Married To? Full Details

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Toni Brunner is a politician and farmer whose passion for representing farmers and his unwavering commitment to the SVP have left a lasting impact on both politics and the agricultural community in Switzerland.

Who Is Toni Brunner?

Toni Brunner, born Anton Brunner on 23 August 1974, is a Swiss farmer and politician who made significant contributions to Swiss politics during his time as the president of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP/UDC) from 2008 to 2016.

Brunner’s political career began at a young age, and his passion and commitment to his party and the Swiss farming community have won him a high level of respect.

Brunner, who was born in Wattwil, St. Gallen, had a lifelong interest in politics. He was elected to the federal parliament in 1995, at the amazing age of 21, becoming the youngest member ever to hold this position.

Despite his youth, Brunner demonstrated his ability and dedication to serving his constituency and the interests of the people.

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Brunner handled his family farm in addition to his political duties. He recognised the significance of bridging the gap between the farming community and the political realm, and he utilised his position in parliament to campaign for farmers’ rights and address the issues they faced.

Brunner established an internet radio station exclusively focused on farmers in order to offer important information to them, proving his dedication to addressing their interests.

In addition to farming and politics, Brunner was the chairman of the Swiss People’s Party’s St. Gallen branch. This role gave him the ability to have a direct impact on local policies and to represent the party in his region.

Brunner’s political career took off after he succeeded Ueli Maurer as chairman of his national party in March 2008. This selection demonstrated his commitment to the SVP as well as his ability to earn the trust and support of his fellow party members.

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During his presidency, Brunner collaborated closely with Christoph Blocher, the party’s figurehead and one of numerous vice chairmen. They worked together to promote the party’s values and secure its political dominance.

The Swiss People’s Party achieved tremendous victory in the 2015 federal elections under Brunner’s leadership, making record gains. However, Brunner stated in January 2016 that he would stand down as president of the SVP in April of that year.

Despite his excellent term, Brunner elected to hand over the reigns to Albert Rösti on April 23, 2016.

In addition to his political achievements, Brunner is a member of the Campaign for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland. This organisation promotes neutrality in all subjects and argues for Switzerland’s sovereignty and non-alignment in international disputes.

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Brunner’s personal life is also rewarding. He has been married to Esther Friedli since 1997, and the couple lives in Ebnat-Kappel, St. Gallen. Despite the demands of his political career, Brunner remains deeply connected to his family and his rural background.

Toni Brunner is well-known as a passionate farmer and politician. Although he has stood down as SVP president, his contributions to Swiss politics continue to impact the party’s narrative and goals.

Who Is Toni Brunner Married To?

Toni Brunner is known to be in a relationship with Esther Friedil since 1997 and they currently reside in Ebnat-Kappel in St. Gallen.

Esther Barbara Friedli is a Swiss politician who was elected to the Council of States (Switzerland) on April 30, 2023, and took over her office on May 30, 2023.




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