Who Is The Girlfriend of Max Mutzke: Full Details

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Max Mutzke is known to be a German singer, songwriter, and television personality who was born on May 21, 1981. Max Mutzke is currently 42 years old. He became much known to the general public in early 2004 and that was when he won SSDSGPS . SSDSGPS is a competition hosted as part of Stefan Raab’s late-night titled TV Total.

It must be known that Max Mutzke qualified for the national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, Germany 12 Points! and impressively he came up a victor. He had the opportunity to represent his home country, Germany with his debut single titled ‘Can’t Wait Until Tonight ‘.

Out of 24 competitors, Max Mutzke placed 8th. His single, Can’t Wait Until Tonight ‘ made its debut at number one of the German singles chart and also…

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Subsequently, Max Mutzke released a couple of albums and they were aus Dem Bauch(2007), Black Forest (2008), Home Work Soul(2010), Durch Einander (2012), Max (2015) and Colours(2018). He represented Baden-Wurttemberg during the 2014 Bundesvision Song Contest and with his song titled Charlotte, he placed 7th at the end of the contest.

During the German edition of the international music game show dubbed The Musked Singer in 2019, Max Mutzke won its debut season. Over the years, Max Mutzke has won several prizes and these include 1Live Krone and the Goldene Stimmgabel. With respect to the reality television competition series, Max Mutzke made an appearance as a Coach.

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It must be noted that Max Mutzke’s career started off as a member of the funk band called Project Five.
Max Mutzke teamed up with Raan to finish off his solo album in 2004.

The album was a fusion of funk, pop and soul and had some great singles. Max Muzzle ..AUS Dem Bauch was the second album of Max Mutzke and it saw the light of day on June 8, 2007. On November 28, 2008, he followed up with Max Muzzle…Black Forest, his third album.

He teamed up with Jennifer Braun to write the song titled I Care For You. After participating in the German national finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010, Jennifer Braun placed second.

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Who Is The Girlfriend of Max Mutzke

Max Mutzke is not known to have a girlfriend. He rather has a wife called Nazu Mutzke and they have four children. Much is not known about Nazu especially as Max Mutzke loves to keep his private details out of the public domain.


The mother of Max Mutzke was an actress whereas the father was a gynaecologist. Max Mutzke had five siblings who were so enthused about music. The younger brother of Max Mutzke, Menzel Mutzke was a successful jazz trumpeter.

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