Who Is Sandro Paternostro First Wife? Full Details

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Sandro Paternostro was an Italian journalist and television presenter, born on August 9, 1922, in Palermo.

In today’s article, we take a look into his life as we find out more about him as well as whop his first wife actually is.

Who Is Sandro Paternostro?

Sandro Paternostro came from a notable family, originally from Misilmeri. His father, Roberto, was a lawyer and a member of the PNF, serving as the provincial secretary of Palermo in 1930. Sandro’s mother was Clementina Savagnone.

Sandro attended the GUF and participated in the Littoriali delle culture e dell’arte during his university years.

Paternostro began his career in print journalism after the war as a contributor to the Palermo weekly L’Ora. He then relocated to Rome, where he worked for magazines like as Il Tempo and other newspapers.

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He joined RAI radio in the early 1950s and eventually moved on to Rai News. As a Rai journalist, he reported from a variety of international capitals, being noted for his professionalism and hard reporting, which was frequently coupled with his distinctive sarcastic humour.

Paternostro worked as a journalist in the 1960s from Bonn, the administrative seat of the Federal Republic of Germany, and then from Beijing, where he covered the Chinese cultural revolution.

In 1971, he wrote “Here Beijing,” a book in which he chronicled his experiences with irony.

He continued his career as an RAI correspondent from London, where he delivered his news broadcasts with a blend of professionalism and heart, quickly becoming one of the most popular journalists of the period.

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Paternostro retired after 37 years as a journalist but returned in 1988 with the debut of Teledomani, a new news programme. This was the first worldwide news programme to be transmitted via satellite, and it was broadcast from London by Visnews.

Paternostro worked on several programmes with Piero Chiambretti, including “Prove Technical di Trasmissione” in 1989 and “Secret Services” in 1993.

His most successful television programme during this time period, however, was “Diritto di Replication” from 1993 to 1994.

Paternostro made headlines in 1998 when, at the age of 75, he married showgirl Carmen Di Pietro, who was nearly forty years his junior.

His health deteriorated in his final years due to diabetes, and he went to London, where his two children from his first marriage, Karin, lived. On July 23, 2000, Sandro Paternostro died at The Whittington Hospital. His body was burned after his funeral at the Italian church of San Pietro.

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Paternostro had a few film credits in addition to his newspaper career. He contributed to the story and script for “Angel in the Crowd” in 1950 and acted in films such as “I Know That You Know That I know” in 1982, “When Will the Mosquitoes End?” in 1994, and “Paparazzi” in 1998.

Who Is Sandro Paternostro’s First Wife?

The name of Sandro Paternostro’s first wife is Karin Paternostro. Sandro had two children with his first wife, Roberto and Alessandra, known as Sandra.




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