Who Is Rudy Giovannini Married To? Full Details

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Who is Rudy Giovannini married to? Is Rudy Giovannini still married? Does Rudy Giovannini have children? These questions have been on the minds of fans of the South Tyrolean singer.

In this write-up, we will try to find out if Rudy Giovannini is married and to whom he is married to.

Who Is Rudy Giovannini?

Rudy Giovannini is a top South Tyrolean singer born Rudi Giovannini on November 18, 1966, in Bozen, South Tyrol. He is well known by his stage name “Rodolfo Giovannini”.

Giovannini has been singing virtually all his life and has gained fame through his music. But long before gaining fame, he acknowledged the need to take singing lessons and hence trained at the conservatories of Bozen and Verona. He also took lessons from Arrigo Pola in Modena.

He first gained fame in 2000 after he placed third in the Grand Prix of Folk Music with the title “Amore, Amore” and placed third again in the 2002 edition with the title “Donna della Raspa”.

He tried again in 2006 and this time around managed to win the contest with the song “Salve Regina” alongside fellow South Tyroleans Coro Monti Pallidi and Belsy.

Giovannini has so far released over 15 albums and several other singles. His albums include thank you for this life (2018), Winter Melodies (2017), It’s Christmas (2014), Sincerely Rudy Giovannini (2012), Cafe Ole (2016), Jewels and Gems (2019), Let’s be friends (2014), Salve Regina (2007), etc.

His 2023 album “Do You Have Time” peaked at number 2 on the German charts and number 5 on the Austria charts.”The Best” also peaked at number 2 on the German charts and number 12 on the Austria charts.

Who Is Rudy Giovannini Married To?

Rudy Giovannini’s marital status has been a mystery despite living much of his life in the public space. The classical singer hasn’t opened up to the public about his marital status hence our difficulty in ascertaining who he is married to.

He was in a long-term relationship with Franca but we are unable to confirm at the moment if he is married to her or not.

We will continue to probe further and update this write-up in case we get any fresh information about his marital status.

Does Rudy Giovannini Have Any Children?

We have no records about the children of Rudy Giovannini hence we cannot say for a fact if he has any children or not.

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