Who Is Michele Morrone’s Girlfriend?

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Michele Morrone’s talent and versatility have allowed him to make a mark in various creative fields. With his captivating performances, soulful music, and fashion ventures, he continues to leave a lasting impression on audiences around the world. As his career continues to thrive, fans eagerly anticipate what Morrone will conquer next.

Who Is Michele Morrone?

Michele Morrone, born on 3 October 1990 in Reggio Calabria, Italy, is a versatile talent in the entertainment industry.

He is well-known as an actor, model, singer, and fashion designer. He achieved international popularity for his portrayal as Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 sensual love drama “365 Days,” as well as its sequels “365 Days: This Day” and “The Next 365 Days” in 2022.

Morrone was the youngest of four siblings, three of whom were sisters. His father, Natale, worked as a construction worker and died in 2003, when Morrone was only twelve years old. His mother, Angela, a skilled seamstress, and father relocated the family from Bitonto to Melegnano in pursuit of better job possibilities for their children.

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Morrone was eleven years old when he saw a Harry Potter film that motivated him to seek a career in acting. He began developing his skills in a middle school after-school programme. He had to retake his first year of high school due to behavioural concerns. He studied professional acting at the Teatro Fraschini di Pavia, a theatre in the city of Pavia, determined to pursue his vocation.

Morrone’s career took off in 2011 when he was cast as Riccardo in the web series “Second Chance.” Despite the fact that the show was cancelled after one season, it marked the beginning of his career in the film industry.

He began his career in short films before moving on to television, appearing in shows such as “Che Dio ci Aiuti” and Italian TV series such as “Come un Delfino” (2011), “Provaci Ancora” (2015), “Squadra Antimafia” (2015), “Sirene” (2016), “Renata Fonte” (2017), “Il Processo” (The Trial) (2018), and “Medici” (2018).

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In 2016, he demonstrated his dancing abilities as a contestant on the eleventh season of the Italian version of “Dancing with the Stars,” finishing second. In 2019, he starred as Luigi in the film “Bar Giuseppe.”

Morrone’s career skyrocketed in 2020 after he received international acclaim for his depiction of Massimo Torricelli, a mafia criminal leader, in the film “365 Days.” The film premiered in Poland on February 7, 2020, and will be available on Netflix on June 7, 2020. His enthralling performance earned him a three-year contract with the production firm, and he went on to make two more films to complete the trilogy.

Morrone is a musician in addition to an actor. He learned to play the guitar by following YouTube videos and published his debut album “Dark Room” in 2020. The CD contains numerous tracks from the official soundtrack of “365 Days,” including his hit “Feel It.”

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He also has a YouTube account with over a million subscribers and 104 million total views. The music video for “Feel It,” which has 51 million views, is the most-watched video on his channel.

Morrone expanded his acting and singing careers by launching his women’s beachwear clothing company, AurumRoma, in August 2020. Morrone makes his own designs for the brand in collaboration with fashion designer Chiara Pollano. Morrone’s personal life has had ups and downs, despite his professional achievements.

He married Rouba Saadeh, a Lebanese stylist, in 2014, and the couple has two boys. The couple separated in 2018, yet they remained legally married.

Who Is Michele Morrone’s Girlfriend?

Michele Morrone’s girlfriend happens to be known as Moara Sorio. The two have been spotted on numerous occasions having a nice time while holding hands




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