Who Is Joey Kelly’s Mother? Full Details

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Joey Kelly can be described as a musician, songwriter, and athlete of Irish-American descent. Joey Kelly was born on December 20, 1972, and was a member of the Kelly Family. However, due to the band’s hiatus, Joey Kelly took to amateur athletics and participated in various sports competitions.

It must however be noted that in 2017, he returned to the band as a guitarist and vocalist. As a member of the band, Joey Kelly is known to play the electric and acoustic guitar and percussion instruments. He is also known to take part in endurance competitions and fun events, such as TV total, Wok racing or diving.

It must be noted that as of 2006, Joey Kelly had competed in and finished over 50 marathons. He has also participated in various endurance competitions include Ultramarathon, Ironman Triathlon or Tough-Guy-Race. Joey Kelly took part in the Ultraman competition in Hawaii, in 1998 (10 km swimming, 421 km cycling, 84 km running in three days). He placed seventh.

He was said to have reached the goal within the time limit but due to unsportsmanlike conduct, he was subsequently disqualified. He was said to have kicked a prone volunteer in the head following an “earlier altercation”. He also participated in the Race Across America (RAAM) 2001. It is a long-distance bicycle race across the United States and he placed fourth together with Thorsten Vahl out of seven competing teams.

Later in 2002, Joey Kelly finished in the winning 4 person mixed team, which included his wife. He participated in the Atacama Crossing in Chile in 2008. He completed the 250 kilometers in 6 days, 36:15:3 hours. He is known to have finished the six legs in fourth place, becoming first in his age group in one of the toughest desert races in the world.

His exploits with respect to Wok-WM include 2003: Silver (Single), 2004: Silver (Single), Gold (Quad), 2005: Bronze (Single), Gold (Quad), 2006: Gold (Single), 2007: Silver (Single), 2008: Bronze (Single), 2009: Bronze (Single), 2010: Silver (Single) and 2014: Gold (Single).

2007: Gold (Single), 2008: Silver (Single), Bronze (Synchronous) and 2009: Bronze (Singles), Gold (Synchronous) are his records so far as Turmspringen (diving)is concerned. He has participated in other competitions.

Who Is Joey Kelly’s Mother?

Joey Kelly is the ninth child of his parents. He was born to Daniel Jerome Kelly (1930-2002). His mother is the American dancer Barbara-Ann Kelly (née Suokko, 1946-1982).

Joey Kelly lost his mother when he was nine years old. The mother of Joey Kelly, Barbara-Ann Kelly died of breast cancer.

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