Who Is Inka Bause’s New Boyfriend? Full Details

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Inka Bause is a German pop singer, television presenter, actress and producer. She was born on November 21, 1968 in Leipzig to Angret and Arndt Bause. She is the third daughter of her parents and it needs to be mentioned that her father was a successful hit and pop composer in the GDR in the 1970s and 1980s.

Inka Bause together with her family relocated to Berlin-Biesdorf. While at the Friedrichshain music school, Inka Bause was discovered by talent scouts. She played the violin and after graduating in 1983, she became a member of the Stamitz Orchestra.

She had lessons in piano and singing. Inka Bause completed her singing studies at the “Hanns Eisler” University of Music in Berlin in 1989 with very good grades.

Inka Bause has a lot of albums, singles and compilations. Some of the albums are Inca, Amiga – 1987, Steps, Amiga – 1989, I Walk Through the Night, Virgin – 1991, A Train from Somewhere, Virgin – 1992, Be Happy, BMG/White Records – 2002, Inka’s Grass Green Day, DA Music – 2006, I’m missing nothing, DA Music – 2008, With Open Arms, Electrola – 2018 and Songs of Life, Songshine Music – 2020. The compilations include My Songs 1985–2007, Sony BMG/Hansa-Amiga – 2007, My Best, DA Music  – 2010, Collector’s Box, DA Music – 2013 and Smile (Best of), Sonia (Da Music) – 2018

Some of the singles that Inka Bause can boast of are Spoilsport , Amiga – 1984, Steps, Virgin – 1990, But You, Virgin – 1991, You Don’t See Tears , Virgin – 1991, If You Leave, Virgin – 1992, September, Virgin – 1992, Tell Me Where the Dreams Are, Virgin – 1992, Blonde Witches, GIB Munich – 1997, I only want you, DA Music – 1998, Florian, BMG/White Records – 2001, Because it’s your birthday, BMG/White Records – 2001, Be happy, BMG/White Records – 2002 and Partytime, BMG/White Records – 2002 (only released as a promo single).

Inka Bause got married to the singer and composer Hendrik Bruch in June 1996, and their daughter was born in September. The couple divorced in 2005. Bause lives in Berlin. She made appearances in a number of films and also worked on audiobooks.

Who Is Inka Bause’s New Boyfriend?

Inka Bause is known to have been single for several years. Even though she is looking for a man, she indicates that she is happy even without a man. She used to be married but it collapsed after 10 years. Inka Bause married the singer and composer Hendrik Bruch in June 1996.

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