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Gunther Emmerlich was born on September 18 , 1944, in Eisenberg and he died on December 19 , 2023, in Dresden. It must be noted that Gunther Emmerlich was a German singer ( bass ) and presenter. Walter Emmerlich, who was Gunther Emmerlich’s father could not return from a war and his mother died of a nervous illness in 1955.

Gunther Emmerlich therefore grew up with his elder sister. Gunther Emmerlich trained as a concrete worker after completing high school and subsequently studied at the Erfurt Engineering School for Construction. He did complete his studies and made a return to music which he loved.

He became part of the  Semperoper ‘s opera studio  in 1972 after graduating with a diploma in singing. He was a permanent of the  Semperoper ‘s Opera Studio till 1992. After leaving the  Semperoper ‘s opera studio , Gunther Emmerlich decided to pursue his career as a freelance singer and he became known on GDR television as the host of the show Showkolade (1987 to 1990).

He was the host of the show Zauberhafte Heimat from 1993 to 2006 and also presented the SemperOpernball from 2006 to 2015. Gunther Emmerlich has four autobiographical books to his credit and these are I wanted to let myself be finished. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin 2007, Encore. Anecdotes, views and more. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin 2010, late harvest. A consideration without caution. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin 2016, and Advanced. You have to face the facts, no matter how pleasant they are. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin 2020.

Gunther Emmerlich was an ambassador for the Carreras Leukemia Foundation and in 2008, he also served as a wine ambassador (in the sense of a testimonial ) for Saale and Unstrut. The last stage appearance of Gunther Emmerlich was at a Christmas concert in the Johanniskirche  in Lößnitz – Affalter, Saxony on December 17, 2023. The cause of his death was heart failure. He was 79 years old at the time of his death.

Some of the awards of Gunther Emmerlich include 1988: TV favorite GDR, 1990: Bambi, 1997: Federal Cross of Merit on the ribbon , 2000: Voted one of the “100 Dresdeners of the 20th Century”, daily newspaper Dresdner Latest News , 2014: Golden Acoustics from the Good Hearing Association , 2016: Order of St. George, 2019: Palatinate Saumagen Order, 2019: Golden Sun, 2019: Golden Hen in the “Lifetime Achievement” category and Honorary citizen of the city of Eisenberg.

Gunther Emmerlich got married to actress Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar in 1979. Gunther Emmerlich and Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar had a son together but Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar brought a daughter into the marriage from a previous relationship.

Gunther Emmerlich also had a son from a previous relationship. Gunther Emmerlich and Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar separated in 2014.

Who is Gunther Emmerlich’s Wife?

Actress Anne-Kathrein Kretzschmar was the wife of Gunther Emmerlich . They got married in 1979 but separated in 2014. They had a son together and they both had a child each from previous relationships before they got married.

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