Who is Florian David Fitz, Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and More

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Florian David Fitz Biography

Florian David Fitz (born Florian Ingo Ulrich Fitz on November 20, 1974) is a German actor, screenwriter, and director.

Florian David Fitz was a successful actor in Hollywood. Fitz’s acting career began with appearances in films like “Hawaiian Gardens” (2001), “Maedchen Maedchen II” (2004), starring Diana Amft, and “3 Grad Kaelter” (2006). He also participated in the foreign film “Männerherzen” (2009) alongside Christian Ulmen. His interest in performing led to roles in films like the humorous romantic sequel “Männerherzen- und die ganz, ganz große Liebe” (2011) with Til Schweiger, “Vincent Wants to Sea” (2011), and “Die Vermessung der Welt” (2012). He also made an appearance in the 2012 film “Jesus Loves Me.”. He recently appeared in the films “Hin und Weg” (2014), “Lügen” (2014), and “Die Lügen der Sieger” (2015). Fitz most recently appeared in “Der geilste Tag” (2016).

Florian David Fitz’s Age

At the time of writing, the German actor, screenwriter, and director is 39 years of age. His appearance could be deceptive since he looks younger than his age. This could be attributed to his healthy lifestyle and passion for his work.

Florian David Fitz’s Height

Florian David Fitz, the acclaimed German actor, possesses a height of 1.86 m, which is equivalent to approximately 6 feet and 1 inch. This stature places him within the average range for male height.

Florian’s height is characterized by a balanced and proportionate physique that allows him to portray a wide range of characters with ease. However, his weight cannot be found in any reliable source at the time of writing. This information will be made known to our readers when it becomes available.

Florian David Fitz’s Net worth

Florian, an acclaimed actor and filmmaker, was born in 1974. By 2024, his net worth is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million. Florian has established himself in the entertainment world with his diverse acting abilities and talents as a director. He has worked on a number of profitable initiatives, which has surely contributed to his amazing financial success. Florian has carved out a niche for himself and strives to have a huge effect in the world of television and film, which is not surprising given his talent and expertise.

Florian David Fitz’s Wife and Children

According to a post on Instagram, the celebrated movie actor could be dating Palina Rojinski. There’s also no record of children from our sources. Keep visiting this site to get the latest update regarding his wife and children.

Florian David Fitz’s Parentage

The movie icon’s parents are Karlhans Fitz and Gabriele Fitz.

Florian David Fitz’s Ethnicity and Nationality

According to sources, he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group, although he’s German by nationality.

Florian David Fitz’s Career

Florian David Fitz

Florian David Fitz is a well-known influencer in the cinema and television acting industries. With his extraordinary talent and various performances, he has established himself in the business of entertainment. Florian is known for his fascinating on-screen presence and has been in a number of popular productions, demonstrating his versatility and knack for immersing himself in a variety of roles. His tremendous effect as an influencer has made him a coveted actor, with his performances creating an indelible imprint on audiences throughout the world.

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