Who is Djamila Rowe’s Partner? All you need to know

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Djamila Rowe’s life has been filled with challenges, arguments, and unexpected successes.  She was born on August 1, 1967, in East Berlin. She gained notoriety in 2002 for her part in a staged romance with Swiss ambassador Thomas Borer. Her journey is a fascinating combination of unexpected success and adversity. In 2023, Rowe won the 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!”

Early Life and Career

Rowe’s childhood was challenging. She was molested by her mother’s partner when she was born in Berlin-Lichtenberg, and this led to a challenging upbringing. After her Persian father and mother fled for the West, Rowe was raised by her grandparents, where she endured mistreatment. When she was fourteen, she was placed in five different children’s homes before being admitted to the Crimmitschau juvenile institution. Rowe had mental health issues, which led to two failed suicide attempts and his placement in seclusion.

Despite having a difficult past, Rowe desired to work as a salesman at Intershop; however, it was said that the Ministry for State Security prevented her from realizing her goals. She left East Germany after the reunification in 1989 and started again in Berlin, where she worked as a cosmetics artist at well-known department shops like KaDeWe. She had a career that included employment as a model and a nude dancer.

Djamila Rowe rose to fame in 2002 after fabricating an affair with Swiss diplomat Thomas Borer. At the beginning of the controversy, which was planned with Alexandra Würzbach, Rowe was paid 10,000 euros to declare that she had an affair with Borer. Even though she eventually withdrew her testimony, the issue caused Borer to fire him, and an out-of-court deal that followed yielded a sizeable compensation payment.

Rowe faced legal battles in 2007 when she sued a man for stalking through sexually harassing messages. The proceedings were halted after the defendant paid a settlement of 200 euros.

Rowe has dabbled with television, making appearances on reality shows including “Die Alm” (2004) and “Big Brother” (2006). She became well-known in 2023 as the queen of the jungle on the 16th season of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” Despite her controversial past, Rowe captured the hearts of the electorate and an incredible 62.26 percent of the votes cast.

She expanded her career beyond television to include modeling and promotional work. She made appearances on fashion shows for brands like Joop as a model and sexual model. In April 2013, she was featured on the cover of Penthouse magazine. Additionally, Rowe participated in marketing campaigns for companies including Meßmer, Viggo, and Fitness First.

Who is Djamila Rowe’s Partner?

There is no information about her partner. It seems she keeps her personal life out of the public.




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