Who Is Dieter Bach Married To? Full Details

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Who is Dieter Bach married to? Is Dieter Bach married? How long has Dieter Bach been married? Does he have any children? Dieter Bach is a veteran German actor and singer with over thirty years of experience as an actor.

He is well known for his role in films and TV series. However, fans are curious to know what life is like behind the cameras. In this write-up, we will provide you with all the information we have about the marital status of actor Dieter Bach.

Who Is Dieter Bach?

Dieter Bach is a veteran German actor and singer born on December 9, 1963, in Cologne where he was raised. He noticed his passion for acting and singing while growing up.

After his high school education, he later attended the Saarbrücken State Drama School to study acting and singing from 1986 to 1988.  He landed his first known role in a TV series in 1990 titled “Crime Scene – Walk of a Death” where he played the role of a reporter.

Away from TV, he was also very active in theatre productions that saw him perform in different theatres across the country. He has performed in theatres like the Vienna Playhouse, the Renaissance Theater in Berlin, the Staatstheater Kassel, the Cologne Theater, etc.

He has been a member of the Staatstheater Kassel ensemble since 2011. He has also worked as a freelance journalist for WDR in Cologne in the last and received a grant from the Noth Rhine-Westphalia Film Fund in 1996.

As we speak, he has done over thirty films and TV series that have brought him into the spotlight.

Dieter Bach Selected Filmography 

Bach has been very successful in his many appearances in TV series in particular. Below is a list of his selected filmography.

  • Storm of Love (2017 to present)
  • Good Times Bad Times (2015-2016)
  • Country Girls (2017)
  • SOKO Leipzig (2007)
  • SOKO Wismar (2009)
  • Our Charly (2010)
  • In Love with Berlin (2006-2007)
  • St Angela (2002- 2005)
  • Rubicon (2001)
  • Crime Scene – Walk of Death (1990)
  • The Watch (1998)
  • Dr Sommerfeld – News from Bülowbogen (2004)

Who Is Dieter Bach Married To?

Despite being in the film industry for over three decades, Bach’s marital status has been a mystery. We are unable to find any information about Dieter Bach’s marital status or who he might be married to.

Unfortunately, we do not have any information about his past relationships as well. We will continue to keep tabs on him and update this write-up in case we get anything.

Does Dieter Bach Have Any Children?

We have no records of Dieter Bach’s children. As a result, we cannot confirm at the time of writing whether he has any children or not.

This write-up will be updated as and when such information is made available to us.

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