Who is Constantin J. David, Age, Biography, Height, Net Worth and More

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Who is Constantin J. David?

Film director, producer, actor, and journalist Constantin J. David (18 February 1886 – 19 February 1964) was a German national. His union with Käthe von Nagy, an actress, singer, and model from Hungary, is another reason for his notoriety.

Constantin J. David’s Biography

Constantin J. David's Biography

Film director and journalist Constantin J. David was born in Constantinople to a German Jewish father and a Spanish Jewish mother.

Before establishing the International Institute of Modern Art in 1921, he studied literature and art in Berlin and Munich. David started his professional life in Germany as a producer and joint-owner of Greenbaum Filme, where he founded the first Italian sound film studios in Rome and Turin.

He relocated to Turkey, France, and the United States in 1936 to pursue a career in film after the Spanish Civil War. David, who married in 1941 and had two daughters, passed away in 1964. 1964 saw his death. Credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantin_J._David

Constantin J. David’s Age

David died at the age of 78 in Los Angeles.

Constantin J. David’s Birth Date

David was born on February 19, 1964, in Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire.

Constantin J. David’s Height and Weight

Though there’s no emphatic data about his body measurement, it is, however, rumored that he was of the average height of a male.

Constantin J. David’s Net Worth

His net worth is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million. He made this amount mostly through his artistic activities, which served as his primary source of income.

He has established himself in the business of entertainment with his various acting abilities and services as a producer. He has worked on a number of profitable initiatives, which has surely contributed to his amazing financial success.

Given his talent and expertise, it’s no surprise that he’s carved out an identity for himself and continues to have a huge impact on the world of television and film.


Constantin J. David’s Parents

David was the son of a Spanish-Jewish mother and a German-Jewish father. Details about both parents are not well documented. We will, however, update this article when we have them.

Constantin J. David’s Wife and Children

His union with Käthe von Nagy, an actress, singer, and model from Hungary, is another reason for his notoriety. He was blessed with two children.

Constantin J. David’s Career

David is a well-known figure in the television and film acting industries. Due to his exceptional talent and flexible stage presence, he has made a name for himself as a successful entertainer.

Known for his captivating on-screen character, he has been in several notable productions that showcase his adaptability and ability to inhabit a range of roles thoroughly.

His legacy as an artist has a significant impact on audiences worldwide because of his inspirational influence as an influencer.

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