Who Is Bibi Claßen’s Boyfriend? Full Details

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Bibi Claßen can be described as a German web video producer and influencer. Bibi Claßen was born on February 6 , 1993, as Bianca Heinicke in Cologne and she is known to have running her YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace since December 2012.

On the channel, she uploads videos on lifestyle, fashion and cosmetics. It must be noted that the YouTube channel of Bibi Claßen is one of the most subscribed German-language YouTube channels. She grew up with her younger sister in Cologne her mother who is an educator and her father who works in the field.

After graduating from school school, Bibi Claßen started studying social sciences but subsequently stopped. She uploaded the first video from her channel BibisBeautyPalace to YouTube on December 2, 2012, and most of her videos centered on topics of fashion and cosmetics, presenting cosmetic products and clothing and giving make-up instructions and fashion tips.

She is said to have won the Videodays PlayAward 2014 in the Beauty, Lifestyle, and Fashion category. She also published humorous videos in which she exaggerates topic-related behavior and she gets a lot of views from these videos.

Bibi Claßen was hired by Thomas Cook Group as an advertising medium for the tour operator Neckermann Reisen in 2014. The YouTube channel BibisBeautyPalace can be said to be one of the ten most successful in terms of video views. Due to the fact that the channel is associated with Adsense, sponsorship, testimonials, promotional items and commissions from affiliate marketing as well as the cosmetics brand Bilou, it can be estimated that Bibi Claßen could earn more than 100,000 euros per month.

Bibi Claßen underwent cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement with implants and a nose job in 2021 and even discussed these procedures in her videos. She has made some TV appearances and these include 2015: TV Total ,2018: Small versus Big (ARD), and 2018: Who knows something like that? (ARD)  and 2019: The Quizduell (ARD) .Bibi Claßen got married in 2018 to the influencer Julian Claßen ( Julienco ). They had two children before they separated in May 2022.

Who Is Bibi Claßen’s Boyfriend?

Timothy Hill is the rumored new boyfriend of German YouTuber Bibi Claßen. Timothy Hill is a sales marketer for BibisBeautyPalace, according to his profile on TiQuest Management.

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