Who Is Bernd Wallisch Married To? Full Details

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Who is Bernd Wallisch married to? Is Bernd Wallisch married? How long has Bernd Wallisch been married? Since you’re here meaning you’re one of the many internet users who are interested in knowing about the marital status of Bernd Wallisch.

In this write-up, we will provide you with all the relevant details there is to know about Bernd Wallisch’s marriage life.

Who Is Bernd Wallisch?

Bernd Wallisch is a famous German cruise tour guide born on May 10, 1975, in Hamburg, Germany where he was raised. Due to his love for business, he decided to study business administration at the University.

He attended the University of Hamburg where he studied Business Administration and graduated with honours. He is well-known as a cruise tour guide.

According to him, he had a thing for cruise ships right fr his childhood and hence watched the dream ship on TV a lot.

He later on got an opportunity to travel on the Alexander Von Humboldt sailor ship and then the following year received an invitation from Phoenix Reisen and the rest is now history.

After his interview with Phoenix Reisen, he was put on the MAXIM GORKI on an assignment to Colombo. As we speak, he has travelled to over 130 countries and loves the fact that his job offers him the opposite to be in a different city almost every day.

The “Crazy About the River” and “Crazy About the Sea” cruise tour guide believe for one to be successful as a tour guide, he or she must be flexible and able to easily adapt to unexpected circumstances. The fact that he is a good human being, enjoys travelling and is friendly with people has also made his work a bit easier.

Although he enjoys his travels and has been to a lot of beautiful places around the world, Wallisch believes home is always the most beautiful place to be as he enjoys spending quality time at home with his family.

Who Is Bernd Wallisch Married To?

Bernd Wallisch is happily married for several years now. Unfortunately, we do not have the details of his wife at the time of writing.

We will update this write-up as soon we get further information about who his wife is. What we do know is that his wife has Ben very supportive of him and is doing a great job both as his wife and the mother of their children.

Does Bernd Wallisch Have Any Children?

Yes. Wallisch has two children with his lovely wife. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about them as they prefer to live their lives away from the spotlight.

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