Who Is Angelina Mango’s Boyfriend: Full Details

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Angelina Mango is a singer-songwriter who was born was born on April 10, 2001. She was born in the Maratea, in the province of Potenza, Basilicata. The parents of Angelina Mango are Laura Valente, former singer of Matia Bazar, and Giuseppe Mango, who is known by the stage name Mango.

It must be noted that even though Angelina Mango was born in the province of Potenza, Basilicata, she grew up with her older brother, Filippo Mango in Lagonegro.

When she was a child, she learned how to play the piano and the guitar. She enrolled at the liceo scientifico in September 2014 but she had to suspend her studies as her dad died on December 8, 2014.

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Angelina Mango relocated to Milan with her family in 2016 and continued her studies. She started singing in a band with her brother as the drummer. She participated in the twenty-second edition of the Amici di Maria De Filippi talent contest in 2023.

She placed second. Angelina Mango won the Lunezia Award for musical-literary value of the song “Ci pensiamo domani”.Angelina Mango released her first single “Va tutto bene on November 13, 2020, prior to her first EP Monolocale. She was the opening act of the concerts of the Parola Tour by Giovanni Caccamo and Michele Placido in 2021 and she also performed during the Milan Music Week in November 2021.

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She signed a contract with Sony Music and participated in the Concerto del Primo Maggio and in the Musica da bere music competition in 2022. She also released singles such as “Formica”, “Walkman” (produced by Tiziano Ferro), and “Rituali”.

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Angelina Mango released the single “Ci pensiamo domani” on May 12, 2023 prior to the EP Voglia di vivere. The EP was released on May 19, 2023.

Who Is Angelina Mango’s Boyfriend

The boyfriend of Angelina Mango is Antonio Cirigliano. Antonio Cirigliano is a young guitarist who was born in Potenza. He is passionate about music and is currently 24 years old. Angelina Mango and Antonio Cirigliano have participated in various festivals around Italy. Antonio Cirigliano Is not s active on social media.

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