Who are Rudi Völler Children? Meet them

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Rudolf “Rudi” Völler was born on April 13, 1960, and he has a particular position in German football history. In addition to his remarkable playing career, he is well-known for his outstanding managing career. From his playing days until taking on the role of director of the German national team, Völler’s career has been marked by achievements, tenacity, and a passion for the beautiful game.


Völler began his professional career with Kickers Offenbach. He later transferred to 1860 Munich, where he finished as the 2. Bundesliga’s top scorer in 1981–1982. After Werder Bremen saw his goal-scoring prowess and recruited him, he stunned Bundesliga supporters by winning the league’s top scorer title in the 1982–83 season.

Following that, the Flying German’s influence grew beyond Germany, as he made a big impact on both Serie A club Roma and Ligue 1 squad Olympique Marseille. With Roma, he won the Coppa Italia, and in the 1990–91 season, he placed second in the UEFA Cup.

After relocating to Marseille, he won the 1992–93 French title as well as the UEFA Champions League. 1994 saw Völler come home after wrapping off his playing career with Bayer Leverkusen.

In football history, Völler’s tenure with the German national team then known as West Germany is legendary. He made his debut for his nation in 1982 and went on to represent it in three FIFA World Cups and one UEFA European Championship. He was notably involved in two World Cup finals in a row, winning the cup in the historic Italian competition of 1990.

His goal-scoring prowess was a major factor in Germany’s victory. Völler, who scored the equalizer against Scotland and the goal against France in the semi-final, was a key player in the 1986 World Cup. But in the end, Germany was defeated by Argentina despite its best efforts.

After retiring, Völler made an easy transition from player to management. When he was named sports director of Bayer Leverkusen in 2000, he started his coaching career. He also assumed the role of interim manager for twelve games to show off his managerial abilities.

Despite not having any formal coaching credentials, he took on the huge responsibility of captaining the German national team in 2000. The decision paid off as he led Germany to the 2002 FIFA World Cup final.

Völler became the Germany national team’s director in February 2023. He was an obvious choice for the job because of his ongoing popularity and extensive football background. In September 2023, he also managed a friendly match against France in an acting capacity, and they won 2-1.

Who are Rudi Völler Children?

Rudi Völler has two children. One of his children is Marco, a basketball executive and professional player.




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