Who Are Riccardo Mannino’s Parents? Full Details

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Riccardo Mannino is a successful lawyer, a loving husband, and a man of many passions. His dedication to his career, his love for vintage cars and sports, and his shared journey with Alberto Matano make his story one of inspiration and love.

As they start this new chapter together, it is evident that their bond is built on a strong foundation of respect, affection, and a shared vision for a bright and happy future.

Riccardo Mannino’s Biography

Riccardo Mannino, the husband of Alberto Matano, is a man of many talents and interests.

He has established himself as a distinguished cassation counsel, specialising in Supreme Court matters, at the age of 55. His distinguished career has gained him the respect and admiration of his peers in the legal profession.

Mannino was born and reared in Italy and graduated from La Sapienza University in 1990. Interestingly, he met Alberto Matano at the university during their time there, as they were also law students. They had no idea that their paths would eventually cross in a much more momentous way.

Mannino has many interests outside of his law practice. He is a vehicle aficionado, particularly of vintage cars, and enjoys sports in his leisure time. He is known to go to the gym every day to stay active, and in the winter, he enjoys skiing in the gorgeous Dolomites. Mannino loves to navigate the streets of Rome on his bicycle, which is in keeping with his love of sports and commitment to environmental protection.

Mannino’s fate was interwoven with Matano 15 years ago, when they first met. Mannino described the bond as “instant,” saying, “From the first moment, I knew that Alberto would be my partner.”

After observing Mannino in a restaurant, Matano took the first step and approached him. Their hectic schedules hampered their growing connection at first, but after a year, they ultimately became a couple.

Their love tale culminated on June 11th, when they married in a magnificent wedding ceremony. For their wedding day, they chose the lovely resort of Labico near Rome. The wedding was officiated by their beloved friend, acclaimed presenter Mara Venier of Domenica In, who was surrounded by their loved ones.

VIPs such as Raoul Bova, Rocio Munoz Morales, and Francesca Barra were among the attendees, making the occasion even more spectacular.

Following the festivities, the newlyweds went on their honeymoon to the lovely island of Pantelleria. “On an intimate level, everything has changed, as if the house had been completed with the roof and walls painted,” Matano said of the wedding. Between us, a magical feeling of great happiness”

Who Are Riccardo Mannino’s Parents?

Riccardo Mannino’s parents are unknown as there is no information about them currently.



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