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Who Are Larry Mahan Children? Meet Lisa, Ty And Eliza Mahan. June 2023

Larry Mahan was a legendary rodeo cowboy who left a lasting impact on the sport. While he may have retired from competing, he continued influencing the rodeo community through his children.

Larry Mahan passed away on May 7, 2023, at the age of 79. Mahan had been battling bone marrow cancer for about three years and was under home hospice care.

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He was diagnosed with myeloma, a type of blood cancer that affects the bone marrow. Despite undergoing treatment, his condition deteriorated, and he passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his loved ones.

Mahan was a rodeo legend who was renowned for his unmatched talent, tenacity, and love of the game.

The rodeo community and his family, who have expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support during this trying time, have both acknowledged how much his passing is felt.

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Let’s look closer at his three children: Lisa, Ty, and Eliza Mahan.

Lisa Mahan:

Lisa is Larry’s eldest child and only daughter. She continued her father’s career path and entered the world of professional barrel racing. She has been highlighted in numerous rodeo periodicals and has won numerous championships.

Lisa has a rodeo profession in addition to being a mother and a businesswoman. She owns Rodeo Fame, a business that creates specialized barrel racing gear. Lisa is a fervent supporter of women’s rodeo and has a tremendous interest in the activity.

Ty Mahan:

Ty is the second child of Larry and Darlene Mahan. Like his father, he was a former rodeo cowboy who participated in team roping and bull riding. Ty enjoyed a fruitful rodeo career, participating in the National Finals Rodeo and taking home multiple titles.

Ty continued to pursue a career in music after quitting rodeo. He is an accomplished songwriter and singer who has put out multiple CDs. Ty’s music frequently depicts his rodeo heritage and the Western way of life.

Eliza Mahan:

Eliza is the youngest of Larry’s children. Like her siblings, she was born in 1987 and spent her formative years around rodeo.

Eliza developed to become a competitive bull rider by following in her father’s footsteps. In the bull riding competition at the National High School Finals Rodeo, she was the first female competitor.

Up until 2012, Eliza competed in rodeo until she made the decision to concentrate on her education. She is a veterinary technician who has a degree in animal science. Eliza has a passion for assisting animals in need and participates in animal rescue initiatives.

Despite taking separate paths, Larry Mahan’s three children all share their father’s passion for rodeo and Western traditions. They continue to uphold his legacy and serve as an inspiration for upcoming rodeo fans.

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