Who Are Hazel Gordy Siblings?

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Who Is Hazel Gordy?

Hazel Gordy, born on August 24, 1954, is a prominent figure known for her contributions to the world of music and her role as a mother and ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson.

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With a distinguished pedigree and noteworthy accomplishments, Hazel has had a huge influence on both her family and the entertainment business.

Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Berry Gordy and Thelma Coleman, was raised in a musically gifted and powerful household.

Her father, Berry Gordy, founded Motown Records, a ground-breaking record company that transformed popular music, and is a renowned music producer, songwriter, and record label owner.

Hazel’s love of the arts was clearly inspired by her upbringing in such a vibrant and creative family, which also provided the foundation for her future endeavours.

Jermaine Jackson, a member of the renowned Jackson 5 and the brother of the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson, married Hazel Gordy in 1973.

Jermaine Jackson, Jr., Autumn Jackson, and Jaimy Jackson are the fruits of their union. As a loving mother, Hazel was instrumental in fostering and supporting her kids’ ambitions and instilling in them a passion for the performing arts.

Hazel made a significant impact on the music industry despite largely concentrating on her family. She became a member of one of the most prominent musical families in history through her marriage to Jermaine Jackson, and she had a big impact on their careers.

Her husband and children’s musical travels were influenced and shaped by Hazel.

During the course of her marriage to Jermaine Jackson, Hazel Gordy played a significant role in the dynamic and creative community that surrounded the Jacksons.

She saw firsthand the Jacksons’ influence on popular culture and music history, as well as the beginning of Michael Jackson’s solo career.

At the age of 68, Hazel Gordy is still appreciating the results of her labour and preserving the musical history of her family.

She is proud of the successes of her kids and the significant contribution her family has made to the development of the music industry. She surely enjoys sharing her passion for music and the arts with the next generation as Soltan Jackson’s grandma.

The life of Hazel Gordy is a monument to the strength of love, family, and artistic inspiration. She has cemented her position in the annals of entertainment history with her contributions to the music industry and her unflinching support for her family.

Hazel Gordy’s legacy as the mother of a musical dynasty will endure for years.

Who Are Hazel Gordy’s Siblings?

Hazel Gordy grew up with seven siblings who all have grown to become well known and res[ected people in the society.

Her brothers include Rockwell, Redfoo, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Berry Gordy IV, and others who have all made contributions to the entertainment world.

Hazel also has sisters named Sherry Gordy, Kerry Gordy, and Terry James Gordy, demonstrating the range of skills and artistic ancestry in the Gordy clan.

Although she has seven siblings, only Berry Gordy IV and Terry James Gordy are her biological brothers.

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