Who Are Fiona Apple Siblings?

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Fiona Apple Biography

Fiona Apple McAfee-Maggart, known professionally as Fiona Apple, is an American singer-songwriter.

On September 13, 1977, she was born in New York City. Between 1996 and 2020, Apple put out five albums, all of which did well on the US Billboard 200 list. Three Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and a Billboard Music Award are just some of the many accolades and nominations she has won.

Singer Diane McAfee and actor Brandon Maggart had a child, named Apple. She split her childhood between her father’s house in Los Angeles and her mother’s home in New York City. Apple was musically educated on the piano as a youngster and started writing her own songs at the age of eight.

She won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1996 for her debut album, “Tidal,” which was well-received.

Successful albums including “When the Pawn…” (1999), “Extraordinary Machine” (2005), “The Idler Wheel…” (2012), and “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” (2020) were released by her in the years that followed.

Apple has been candid about her battles with mental health conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety throughout her career. She has also discussed her own struggles with eating disorders and trauma.

Despite these difficulties, Apple’s music has found a loyal following and received praise from reviewers for its insightful and emotionally intense compositions.

Alternative rock, art pop, and baroque pop are just a few of the styles that Apple’s music combines. Her songs frequently explore sensitive and private topics, touching on issues like love, relationships, and social expectations.

Apple, who is renowned for her evocative and expressive singing, has established herself as a recognised and significant figure in the music business.

Here’s the table of Fiona Apple’s discography and awards:

Discography Year
Tidal 1996
When the Pawn… 1999
Extraordinary Machine 2005
The Idler Wheel… 2012
Fetch the Bolt Cutters 2020
Awards and Nominations
Grammy Award – Best Female Rock Vocal Performance for “Criminal”
MTV Video Music Award – Best New Artist in a Video for “Sleep to Dream”
California Music Award – Outstanding Female Vocalist for When the Pawn…
Esky Music Award – Best Songbird for Extraordinary Machine
Grammy Award – Best Alternative Music Album for Fetch the Bolt Cutters
Grammy Award – Best Rock Performance for “Shameika”

Who Are Fiona Apple Siblings?

Fiona Apple’s siblings are Maude Maggart, Spencer Maggart, Jennifer Maggart, Garett Maggart, Julienne Maggart, and Justine Maggart.


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