Who Are Chris Olsen Siblings? All You Need To Know

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Who are Chris Olsen’s siblings? Does Chris Olsen have any siblings? In this write up, we will provide you with all the information we know about the siblings of Chris Olsen.

But before we go into that, who exactly is Chris Olsen? What do you know about the social media star?

Who Is Chris Olsen? 

Chris Olsen is a popular social media star who rose to fame mainly on tiktok. He was born on December 22, 1997 in Washington, DC, USA.

His rise to fame began in the heat of the covid-19 pandemic and has managed to maintain his fame post covid. As we speak, he has amassed over ten million followers on tiktok alone and over a million followers on instagram.

His handsome and energetic looks makes him very appealing to his fans who can’t get enough of him. He was named TikTok’s Sexiest Man in 2020 by People’s Magazine.

He has come out as gay and won the hearts of a lot of members of the gay community. His relationship with his ex-boyfriend, Ian Paget who is also a social media influencer has been an inspiration to many.

The couple used to do a lot of couple challenge videos together which gets a lot of engagements from their followers. One of such videos was about how he convinced his ex-boyfriend, Paget that he was hungry and that he should prepare something for him only for him to say he wasn’t hungry when the food was ready.

They also owned a YouTube channel together as a couple called “Chris & Ian where they shared videos about their relationship, lifestyle, etc. They have a video titled “How We Met|The Story of Chris & Ian which has over 400,000 views as we speak.

However for some reasons, the two separated earlier this year.

Who Are Chris Olsen’s Siblings?

As we speak, we are unable to confirm whether Chris Olsen has any biological siblings or not. Not much is known about the family life of the social media star.

Despite speculations that he might be related to another tik tok star in person of Abbie Herbert, the two are actually not related. It all started after Abbie shared a video of them together where she called him “brother”.

She then went on to caption the video “Best Surprise. Like For More Uncle Chris & Poot”. The video was taken when Olsen visited Abbie and her daughter for the first time and he also called Abbie his sister.

Since then, fans have been speculating that they are indeed siblings bearing in mind that Abbie’s maiden was also Olsen prior to marriage. However, they are not siblings.

He once named an instagram user “Emily Mariko” as his biological sibling. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm at the moment if indeed she is his sister or not.

Does Chris Olsen Have A Sister? 

The issue of whether Chris Olsen has a sister or not has been a topic of discussion for some time now. In recent past or even now, some fans believed Abbie Herbert was his biological sister. However, they are not.

Abbie herself has explained the kind of relationship she has with Olsen. According to her, she sees him as a brother from another mother and advised her fans not to believe the speculations that they were biological siblings.

Olsen also once tagged an instagram user by name Emily Mariko as his biological sibling. However, we are unable to provide or confirm if indeed she is his sister.

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