Who Are Augusta Montaruli’s Parents? Full Details

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Montaruli’s political journey has been marked by both successes and challenges. Her dedication to public service and her commitment to her political ideology have made her a prominent figure in Italian politics.

Augusta Montaruli’s Biography

Augusta Anita Laura Montaruli was born on September 14, 1983, in Turin, Italy. She is an Italian politician who has gained recognition for her contributions to the political landscape of the country.

Montaruli has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies since March 23, 2018, representing the conservative political group Fratelli d’Italia.

Montaruli became interested in politics while attending Galileo Ferraris Scientific High School in Turin, where she graduated with honours. She subsequently went on to study law at the University of Turin, where she graduated with honours.

Montaruli became a criminal lawyer after finishing her education and joined the Turin professional association.

Montaruli was married to Maurizio Marrone, who is the director of Fratelli d’Italia and a Piedmont regional councillor.

Montaruli’s political career took off when she joined Azione Giovani, Alleanza Nazionale’s (AN) youth organisation, and held several posts within it. She was also a provincial director of AN and a member of Azione Universitaria’s national executive.

Montaruli stood for mayor of Pessinetto in the Piedmont municipal elections but was defeated. Despite this setback, she remained committed to her political goals.

Montaruli was a Councillor for Culture and municipal councillor in San Mauro Torinese from 2007 until 2011, serving in the centre-right council commanded by Giacomo Coggiola.

She was later elected as a regional councillor for the People of Freedom (PdL) in the Piedmont regional elections in 2010, representing candidate Roberto Cota’s list.

Montaruli’s political ties shifted in 2012 when she was appointed national spokesperson for Giovane Italia, a PdL youth organisation.

However, she resigned shortly after and joined the PdL split led by Giorgia Meloni, Ignazio La Russa, and Guido Crosetto, which resulted in the formation of Fratelli d’Italia (FdI).

Montaruli ran for the Chamber of Deputies with Fratelli d’Italia in the 2013 parliamentary elections but was not elected.

In the 2018 general elections, she was re-nominated for the Chamber in the single-member constituency of Piedmont 1 – 03 and elected as a deputy for the first time, representing Fratelli d’Italia.

Montaruli served as a member and group leader for the Brothers of Italy in the 1st Constitutional Affairs Commission and the 14th Policies of the European Union during the XVIII session.

Montaruli was re-elected as a deputy in the single-member Piedmont 1 – 02 seat in the September 2022 parliamentary elections and was appointed as an undersecretary of state in the Meloni government’s Ministry of University and Research.

However, after the Supreme Court confirmed her conviction, she announced her resignation from the government position in February 2023.

Montaruli, despite her conviction, maintains her innocence and intends to challenge the ruling to the European Court of Human Rights.

She is still playing a prominent role in Italian politics, and she is currently a member of the Rai supervisory committee, where she was elected vice president in April 2023.

Who Are Augusta Montaruli’s Parents?

Angusta Montaruli’s parents are unknown, as there is no information about them currently.



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