Who Are Alessio Orsingher’s Parents? Full Details

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Alessio Orsingher’s remarkable career as a journalist and television presenter continues to unfold.

From hosting various shows to reporting on significant political and economic events, he has become a prominent figure in the Italian media landscape.

With his dedication, expertise, and versatility, he has left an indelible mark in the field of journalism.

Alessio Orsingher’s Biography

Alessio Orsingher, born on February 19, 1986, in Massa, Italy, is a renowned Italian journalist and television presenter.

He has made important contributions to journalism and has received recognition for his work as a television presenter on several programmes.

Orsingher began his professional career in 2005 when he began working with Teleriviera, a private Tuscan television network. At the same time, he began working for the journal Il Tirreno.

His drive and love for journalism compelled him to further his education in the industry. He attended the Walter Tobagi/IFG School of Journalism at the State University of Milan after finishing his degree in Legal Sciences at the University of Pisa.

Orsingher joined Class Editori, a famous Italian media organisation, in 2010 and worked for the economic-financial channel Class CNBC.

He also contributed to ClassTv, a generalist channel, where he wrote and hosted the early evening conversation show “Punto ea Capo,” as well as headlined the morning press review programme “Primo Tempo News.”

In addition to his work at Class Editori, he contributed to the weekly fashion magazine “La Migliore TV” and was an active participant in the production of the documentary “Speciale Terremoto – A Month Since the Earthquake in Emilia.”

Orsingher’s career took a big turn in 2012 when he relocated to Rome to join the team of renowned journalist Michele Santoro.

He was a correspondent on three of Santoro’s LA7 shows: “Public Service,” “Public Service Più,” and “Announo.” Orsingher set himself apart by writing a factual column and fact-checking in the studio.

He covered several facets of internal politics and economics while at Santoro, including being one of the first reporters to interview Beppe Grillo in his role as a political leader.

In 2015, Orsingher became a part of the newly formed LA7 afternoon show “Tagadà.” Since 2016, he has assisted and occasionally replaced Tiziana Panella in the studio.

His knowledge and professionalism have garnered him respect and contributed to the program’s success.

Orsingher has a wide range of interests outside of his media career. He is a former volleyball player who rose to prominence after playing for Aulla and La Spezia in Serie B.

In addition, he has dabbled in acting, appearing in two films. He played a legislative reporter in the feature film “Goodbye Mr. President” and acted in the medium-length film “My Way – Percorsi e Prejudice,” for which he also wrote the screenplay directed by Fabrizio Nucci.

In regard to his private life, Orsingher married Pierluigi Diaco on November 5, 2017. Maurizio Costanzo, a popular television personality in Italy, officiated the ceremony.

Who Are Alessio Orsingher’s Parents?

Alessio Orsingher’s parents are unknown, as there is no information about them currently.




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