When Can Strong Crosswinds Become Particularly Dangerous?

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Changing wind directions are very destructive or hazardous when driving. Abrupt gusts can grab your car and push it aside. The question; “When can strong crosswinds become particularly dangerous?”, is mostly asked in the German driving license theory test. You can read further to broaden your knowledge in the German driving theory test and also get the answer to the above question.

German Driving License Topics

Below are some useful German driving license topics you should familiarize yourself with before you attempt your driving license theory test:

  • Basic forms of traffic behavior
  • Behavior towards pedestrians
  • Darkness and poor visibility
  • Road and weather conditions
  • speed
  • Overtaking
  • Special traffic situations
  • Highway
  • Alcohol, drugs, medication
  • Fatigue, distraction
  • Affective-emotional behavior in traffic
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When Can Strong Crosswinds Become Particularly Dangerous?

In the German driving theory test, three answer options are given for the question, “When Can Strong Crosswinds Become Particularly Dangerous?” and one is supposed to choose the correct answer(s).

Question: When can strong crosswinds become particularly dangerous?

When Can Strong Crosswinds Become Particularly Dangerous? 2
When Can Strong Crosswinds Become Particularly Dangerous?


Crossroad becomes particularly dangerous

When overtaking trucks, when driving on bridges and also when driving past forest aisles.

Explanation: When driving on bridges, the wind can be strong because there are no obstacles such as buildings, forests, etc nearby to block it. Also, when overtaking trucks; At the height of the truck you don’t feel the crosswind because it absorbs it therefore, you have to be prepared to counter-steer after overtaking. Lastly, when driving past forest aisles, the wind is intercepted by the trees before and after the forest aisle, therefore be prepared to counter-steer as you pass through the forest aisle.

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More German Driving Theory Test Questions With Their Answers

1. What should you expect if you drive at high speed in the left lane of a highways?

Answer: People driving in front of you can suddenly pull out to overtake and even a slight crosswind that occurs unexpectedly can affect driving stability

2. What do you have to prepare for if it starts to rain after a long period of drought?

Answer: A dangerous layer of smear on the road and for poor visibility, use a helmet visor or protective goggles

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3. What are the dangers of wet cobblestones?

Answer: Increased tendency to stall when braking. Also, increased risk of falling. To add, spinning and slipping of the rear wheel when accelerating.

4. What do you have to pay special attention to when it rains?

Answer: The visibility through the glasses or the visor of the safety helmet becomes significantly worse and, road damage is harder to see when the road is wet. Also, visibility is further impaired by splashing water from other vehicles

5. What can cause a risk of falling when cornering?

Answer: Due to oil on the road and also, through road markings

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