What Is The Right Thing To Do When Driving Around Curves On Downhill Slopes?

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It is vital to be conscious of the hazards and challenges associated with driving on hills and take the needed precautions to guarantee a safe journey. Some couple of questions related to the subject under discussion will be of help to you. 

You are driving downhill on a steep, narrow road and a vehicle is coming up the hill. What should you do?

Answer: Vehicles moving downhill should give way to vehicles moving uphill

Explanation: Despite the fact that a vehicle coming uphill can stop speedily, this rule guarantee that the vehicle travelling downhill, where stopping distrances are longer, has to be more attentive.

Some Challenges In Driving Downhill 

  • Gravity will pull you down the hill, hence it may take you longer to brake.
  • Your engine will not give enough braking power on its own as on flat ground upon releasing the brake.
  • Upon releasing the accelerator to brake, there will be less engine braking in the moment between your foot being on the accelerator, then on the brake
  • Pay particular attention to brake fade. This is mostly dangerous on long hills. Since you will be braking, whether through corners, your outside front wheel has to take on more stress: braking and turning at the same time. But then, the stresses are less on flat roads or uphills.
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Guidelines To Drive On Hills Up & Down Hills

  • Ensure to use a lower gear to maintain control of the vehicle and avoid stalling, when you are driving uphill.
  • To avoid speeding and maintain control of the vehicle, use a higher gear when driving downhill.
  • Tires may experience more wear and tear than on flat roads, thus have it in mind to check your brakes and tires before driving on hills.
  • Since it’s difficult to stop quickly on hills, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.
  • It is necessary to study the weather pattern and road conditions when driving on hills. When the road is wet or icy, maintaining the control of the vehicle can be complicated.
  • Take extra precaution and slow down in instances whereby the road is narrow or windy.
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What Is Correct When Cornering On Slopes?

Question: What Is Correct When Cornering On Slopes?


Beforehand, brake so hard that you no longer have to brake in the curve

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Initiate and drive curves in such a way that you do not touch the area of oncoming traffic, even if the angle is steep

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Allow people to cross the street



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